IN. Gov. Apologizes For Deleting Positive LGBT Comments From Facebook

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence's reaction to this week's Supreme Court rulings was to pledge a constitutional amendment banning marriage equality in his state for 2014, according to a status update on Facebook. The bigoted response to the historic rulings opened up a hearty debate on his Facebook page.

But visitors wouldn't have known that.  

In a cowardly act of censorship, Gov. Pence's staff deleted any comment that supported marriage equality from the Facebook conversation. The governor himself came out on Thursday to defend the whitewashing because the comments in question were "uncivil."

Today, he's singing a different tune. 

Writes Pence in a new post on Facebook:

"I believe that civility and respect for the opinion of others is essential to the democratic process. I also believe in the Freedom of Speech. Over the past 24 hours, I became aware of concerns that comments responding to my statement of support for traditional marriage were being deleted from this Facebook page because they disagreed with my stated position.

Our longstanding policy, on this and other social media sites, has been to delete inflammatory comments that include name-calling, vulgarity or comments personally insulting to others. It was my understanding that the comments which were deleted all met this standard. 

On careful review, it appear that this was not always the case and some comments were being deleted simply because they expressed disagreement with my position. I regret that this occurred and sincerely apologize to all those who were affected.

I have instructed our staff to review our policy and develop a standard of conduct similar to that of other elected officials and news organizations in the days ahead. We will post that policy prominently on this site. Hoosiers expect our public debate to be open and respectful and we will ever seek to live up to that standard. In agreement or disagreement, I respect the opinions and the freedoms of all the people of Indiana."



Yeah, right...

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