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Gov. Rick Perry Defends Statements Comparing Gays To Alcoholics, And Says He's Not Sure Gays Can Be "Cured"

Walking hypocrite Gov. Rick Perry appeared on CNBC today in an apparent effort to make as little sense as possible. The interview comes on the heels of the Texas governor controversially equating being gay to being an alcoholic last week.

After some prodding from CNBC's Joe Kernen, Perry admits he's not sure that, unlike treatment for alcohols, gays can even "be changed" despite the Texas GOP including ex-gay therapy in their 2014 party platform. 

"I don't know," Perry responds when asked bluntly if he believes in conversion therapy. "The fact is, we'll leave that to the psychologists and doctors."

Kernen's response is pitch perfect: "Well, the psychologists, they've already weighed in. They dismiss the idea that sexual orientation is a mental disorder and they've told their mental health professionals to avoid telling clients that you can change your sexual orientation." 

Unfortunately, Kernen quickly pivots and changes the topic to give Perry an out on having to face the music there. Still, the interview is worth a watch below.

Oh, and if you're keeping track, when it comes to "curing" gays, Gov. Perry demands to defer to scientists and professionals. When it comes to climate change, scientists are not welcome at the table. When it comes to the debate on when life first begins, scientists are not welcome at the table. What logical hoops do one have to jump through to understand any of this?

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Go ahead, try to "cure" me.  I'll have to fit my therapy sessions into a schedule that includes working, taking care of our house and dogs as my (same sex and legal) husband travels the country, caring for an ailing neighbor, and commuting two hours to visit my husband's mother--my mother-in-law BTW--as she rots from from Alzheimer's Disease.  Yep, ya better watch out for our "agenda", like we even have time to think about that.  Perry, leave me alone and realize power is not achieved through oppression.

The Feds say we're legal and I have a marriage certificate to prove it.  LET IT GO.

NOTE TO GOV PERRY : You and others like you keep talking about a cure for gays. 

Well I think I found one, yep you heard me right " A Cure For Gays ". Are you ready ?  The only possible cure for gays is " Democrats with Common Sense in Office ". 

Thankfully, bigotry is a cultural sickness that is being cured. Slowly. I believe that people like Rick Perry are necessary, and that they do need a platform to voice their opinion.  This way, others may hear loud-and-clear how foolish they are.

Dude your such a Asshole, all that is going on in the world and this is all you got to talk about , To show how stupid you are . I have met many asshole that speak as you do in public and in private Crave to have a Man To Man, sexual play time ,( so to speak!)!

Can we Spell Closet????


Trust me i cleaned this up first !!

There is a cure for ignorance it is called education. But he should leave that to the professionals!

Governor Rick Perry has proven once again that people like him are what wrong with this country. His ignorance has once again proving he is another IDIOT politician that NO ONE, I mean no one, should trust. I know who I want to change: Governor Rick Perry!!! how about go away

World is going to make fun of America if you let this ignorant represent you all. 

hahahaha   A new face of complete human embarrassment.  What an ass.  Oh, and Perry, which rhymes with ferry, go fuck yourself.

What an idiot

Can he also try to cure left handed people?  Where will it stop?

I think we can all agree that Rick Perry is an idiot and is catering to his conservative base - damn science.

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