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Gov. Rick Perry Outraged By Federal Judge's Ruling Striking Down Texas Marriage Equality Ban

Texas Governor Rick Perry is outraged that a federal judge thinks his constituents should be treated equally under the law. In a statement released Wednesday afternoon, Perry blasts Judge Orlando Garcia's decision that the state's anti-gay amendment is in flagrant abuse of the U.S. Constitution. 

"Texans spoke loud and clear by overwhelmingly voting to define marriage as a union between a man and a woman in our Constitution, and it is not the role of the federal government to overturn the will of our citizens. The 10th Amendment guarantees Texas voters the freedom to make these decisions, and this is yet another attempt to achieve via the courts what couldn't be achieved at the ballot box. We will continue to fight for the rights of Texans to self-determine the laws of our state."




Soon to be Ex Gov. Perry is a foolish, not to mention ignorant man (let's all remember the failed Republican Party candidate bid). Sadly he is like a spoiled child that's protesting this so much it leads many to believe that he's hiding something????? Hummmm. Maybe the soon to be Ex Gov. Might need to calm down and figure out who he really is before condemning others so loudly.

Closet Queens are the meanest, nastiest, most hateful beings on earth!

Some can be, yes. The ones who are always speak up

Logcabin is no better. Shameful that you belong to a party that displays and practices hate at each opportunity. Please, don't speak for me.

This buffoon can't get out of office soon enough!  Hopefully he will go the way of Bush and disappear altogether.  No one will miss him.  Wendy is going to bring Texas out of the dark ages!

Interracial marriage was legalized federally through the courts and Texas citizens are American citizens first therefore federal Constitutional law trumps state. A fraction of a fraction of a fraction of the population voting to illegally control and violate the 1st and 14th amendment rights of LGBT citizens is not an "overwhelming" of anything. It will not be tolerated anymore. You will comply with American law or you have no right to call yourself an American. Texas is not a country of its own. It is till legally obligated to adhere to full American law. Get over it. Properly educated, REAL American understand that. American first, state second.

Get over it Perry. Love is not a sex, love is a person.

Rick perry limes a fat cock up his ass. He told me so.

Where? In the men's room? Figures

Hey Rick Perry I believe you have done yourself in with your satanic hate towards fellow tax paying Texas who are gay. Take your hate and go build a communist anti gay country since you believe that people should not have rights to live equal in this state. But I bet he loves collecting his pay checks that have illegal immigrants working long hours to keep his pillow fluffy. It's people like you that make Hitler who he was hateful and selfish. Go to your closet and cry about this cause we are out of the closet and finally standing up for our rights. I bet Rick Perry wishes he could still slave people too. Grow up get with times your freedom of religion is not what pays you we do! So either conform or take a seat with all the duck dynasty lovers and shut up.

So, if 51 percent of Texas' voters approved a bill that outlawed Christianity, Perry would stand behind the vote and hold press conferences to state that "Texas has spoken, and there will be no Christianity in Texas. As Governor, I will close all Christian Churches by midnight, today"?

The hypocrisy of these so-called "Christians" is astounding.

Let have him talk to Anderson cooper 

I am glad that we are working on equality.  I am for it.  I am gay.  Do we have to resort to childish name calling?  As a gay man, I have been a long time Democrat.  I am starting to think I do not belong with Democrats because they always resort to childish name calling and personal attacks.  Cannot we just not accept that equality is coming and be happy about it?  Enough of the childishness.

Look into Log Cabin. 

AMEN!  I completely agree with you sir! 

Fuck you Rick Perry!!! What ever erupts from your Oatmeal Brain is non sense! Your time is over!

Your comment is highly oatmeal

Gov Rick Perry sir, question, do you still Masturbate! ? I'm sure you do sir! I'll stop being gay when you and your fellow cronies stop Masturbating. Well, okay, problem solved sir!

The real question is, WHAT do you masturbate to. You got it. Muscular men without shirts

So, you don't want the law telling citizens what they can or cannot do?

say, get married?

You do not get to be a discriminating jerk pal...I do not care what state you are in!

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