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Graham Norton In Trouble w/ BBC After Wearing AIDS Ribbon On Air

We can only assume BBC's attempts to ban talk show host Graham Norton from wearing a red ribbon on World AIDS Day falls under the network's attempts to be non-political, but clearly Norton (correctly) believes that AIDS goes way beyond politics. 

That's presumably why Norton gave BBC the figurative finger and wore his red AIDS ribbon during the Nov. 29 episode of the The Graham Norton Show in direct defiance of BBC's orders. 

The Guardian writes:

The 50-year-old ignored BBC orders not to wear the ribbon on his show on 29 November this year – sparking the wrath of BBC chiefs, who outlawed him from wearing the ribbon to highlight World AIDS Day on 1 December.

Despite the fact that all of his guests on The Graham Norton Show – Jeremy Clarkson, Jo Brand, Colin Farrell and Sharon Osbourne – were all allowed to, and did, wear the red ribbons – the Irish comic was told not to.

The gay comic, a passionate supporters of AIDS charities – including the Elton John Aids foundation – flouted the ban despite being repeatedly told not to wear the ribbon on the popular show.

BBC chiefs, however, rapped the funnyman, saying he had breached BBC guidelines and his production company So Television – now owned by ITV – was criticised for letting him wear the ribbon.

BBC is publicly remaining steadfast in their stance that Norton shouldn't have worn the ribbon.

The BBC controller of entertainment commissioning, Mark Linsey, says:

"World AIDS Day is an issue which Graham cares passionately about and he did wear a World AIDS Day insignia on his programme.

"However, this is in breach of BBC guidelines.

"The production company has been contacted and reminded that he cannot do this and Graham has accepted he was wrong to do so.

"The BBC has been assured it will not occur again."

We sincerely doubt that Norton has "accepted he was wrong" to do anything. He's not exactly known for holding his tongue, so it's probably not wise to put words in his mouth. 

As for whether it will occur again...we guess we'll see what happens on World AIDS Day 2014.

What do you think of Graham's decision to defy network orders and BBC's subsequent comments?


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i'm surprised he didn't have a special suit made with the ribbon disguised as the collar of the coat lol 

Fair Fucks Graham!!!!

BBC = soulless imbeciles

Silence = Death

Agreed that this is not a political issue, it is a health crisis. He did the right thing. Who is the bbc for trying to tie his hands? They are 100% politically incorrect.

Are you kidding?

they employed Jimmy Savile for decades

I've signed... Won't you...?

There is the problem right there. The fact that they think Aids is an political issue. It's a health has he. Plain and simple 

Ridiculous!!! I don't see no political ramifications for wearing a red ribbon.... get over it BBC

Well said. by attempting to be "non-political" the BBC has just gotten political. The BBC should be embarrassed and ashamed by their conduct...HIV is something that effects all of us, and its people like Graham who can reach a wide audience who should be supporting the cause and getting the message out there! I am HIV positive, and honestly, the more people who are aware of it, who know how its transmitted, and who can demystify it for the masses, the less people who will be affected by it and the better we will all be.

Result: 100% on Team Graham on this one. Fuck'em all (in the words of Sharon Osbourne). 

BBC and any other Production execs, etc. should be ashamed. HIV/AIDS awareness is a human issue, not a political statement. What rubbish! 

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