Grammy Audience Cheers On Adele During Vulnerable George Michael Tribute Moment

One of our favorite moments from the Grammy awards, last night, was when Adele performed a heartfelt, emotional tribute to a beloved out gay musician: recently departed British singer, George Michael.

What made her performance so special, particularly to us, was that it was a celebration of the late singer's unabashed queerness. Despite his extensive catalog of hits, Adele chose to sing, "Fast Love," a song about casual gay sex.

And though the performance was briefly interrupted after a microphone cut out, the singer would not be deterred from her mission to pay homage.

At the point of the glitch, Adele, clearly overcome with emotion, dropped an "F-bomb," and asked to start the song over again. 

"i know it's live tv. I'm sorry, I need to start again. 

"I fucked up. I can't do it again, like last year."

Ultimately, it's the combination of her beautiful voice, and her willingness to show a raw vulnerability, that makes Adele such a beloved artist. 

In this instance, it was audible that the audience was moved by Adele's desire to do right by one of her idols.

And by the time she had reached the end of the song, the house had risen for a standing ovation!

"I'm sorry for swearing. And I'm sorry for starting again.

"Can we please start it again?

"I'm sorry, I can't mess this up for him."