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Graphic Designer Creates 3-D Printer Vladimir Putin Sex Toy

Graphic designer Fernando Sosa is a man of many talents! Who even knew you could use a 3-D printer to build sex toys? (We're still not clear on how 3-D printers actually work.) 

Well Mr. Sosa has gone above and beyond now that he's created what we'd call the ultimate "gay propaganda" piece in the likeness of Russian President, Vladimir Putin. 

We present the Mr. Putin Plug!!

​Yep. That's a butt plug, folks. 

Sosa says on his website:

This is the Second of my political oriented figurines. As many of you guys know Russia is bringing an all out war against the civil right of Gay people in Russia. Leading the charge is Mr. Putin and his homophobic leadership. 

I wanted to ridicule Mr. Putin so i wanted to make a voodo like doll of him so people could do whatever they wanted to Mr. Putin in the privacy of their own home.. However, what a better way to attack Mr. Putin's shirtless bear wrestling reputation? make him into the shape of a butt plug. If you guys help me make this viral this could get the attention of this homophobe and ridicule him world wide. 

(This model can only be 3d printed in sandstone color print. This is not to be used as an actual sex toy or is recommended for such use.. Sandstone is very porous and has a rough surface.. So please don't attempt such use.) We are looking to make this into an actual usable toy but we need funds and resources to manufacture this.. For the meanwhile This is meant as a decorative item and a conversation piece. 

If you think Mr. Putin should be ridiculed like this please share and tweet this item to spread the word.

Okay, so you can't exactly use it yet. And, honestly, how deeply involved with your sex life do you want Putin to be?

​Still, excellent work, Fernando!


(H/T: The Gaily Grind)


Anti-Putin buttplug almost sounds redundant...

Would anybody want to sit on this?  Not me!

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