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'Grind On Me' Vine Meme Explodes

It appears there's a new meme in town! We'd describe the "Grind on Me" meme as the cousin (or maybe the offspring?) of planking and twerking--but feel free to provide your on description.

Check out this compilation video of various guys getting their Grind on. Practice makes perfect, gentlemen! 

This latest meme is currently taking over Vine video feeds.  Think  these guys will progress to actually grinding on other human beings?


Image Source (H/T: Boy Culture/ Towleroad)



this "meme" is just a ripoff of a 6 year-old youtube video of some guys doing the same thing to Pretty Ricky's "Late Night Special" --

^ I definitely agree. However, they are not bad to look at

Absolutely worthless and looks asinine! (no pun intended) I think most, if not all, of these handsome men have not done any grinding other than on their floors.

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