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Grindr Case Leaves Judge Judy Gagging

Judge Judy is a close friend of the gay community, making her lack of knowledge about Grindr in a recent episode quite shocking. Defendant Adam Murphy will forever be known as the guy who enlightened JJ to the "social website errr app" as he described it. Judge Judy wasn't born yesterday, however, and didn't buy the "platonic" nature of Grindr that Murphy was trying to sell her. 

"No, then you go on a website to make friends," she told Murphy. "You go with college friends! But you went on a particular website. I mean, if I were looking to just make friends, I wouldn't go on a website that said, you know, it's just for little old Jewish ladies. I would try to expand my horizons a little bit, do you understand?" [Emphasis mine.]

Murphy ultimately left Judge Judy literally "gagging," but she ultimately ruled in his favor. His Grindr hookup, the plaintiff in the case, had no reasonable expectations to be paid back on money he "lent" the defendant after they met IRL. 

The only thing that could have made this segment any better would've been Bianca Del Rio (America's reigning Favorite Drag Queen) gaveling away next to Judy. 

(h/t: Gawker)


In the clip, she said inappropriate social companion, not sexual. I took it as he was too young for a friend, he was simply looking for a hookup. The kid was a best a gold digger, at worst a gigalo.

A judge practicing age-discrimination on TV ... right?! ... Must be in the USA !!

She makes $40,000,000.00 a year. So she could not give a crap what anybody thinks.

Handy tip... if you meet someone on ANY website and they ask you for money... run... run fast.

I just don't like Judge Judy. I get constipated whenever I look at her. Dumb cunt.

Like she would give a poop about what you think.

First off I'm not taking ANYONES side, but who is JJ to determine what's appropriate or not age wise to hooking up? There are younger guys into older guys for whatever reason and vice versa. Granted if the kid was 16 yeah that's an issue, but they are both well over the age of consent, she has no business pushing her beliefs in a courtroom


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