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Group Of Gay Nigerian Men Stripped Naked, Whipped In Public

Nigeria's continued its troubling descent into a War Against Gays last week. After allegedly attending a sex party with a con artist, six Nigerian gay men were paraded out in Ekurede Urhobo, stripped naked and whipped in public before being detained by local police. 

The men were smoked out when one attendee of the orgy decided to blackmail the others. If the group of gay NIgerians refused to pay the Lagos attendee off, he would reveal their sexual orientation to local authorities. The men refused to pay but the extortionist remained true to his word and alerted a local mob to the identities of the six men. The group was then paraded to the town hall, stripped naked and whipped in front of their neighbors. Police waited until after the display to swoop in and detain them. 

Ever since President Jonathan Goodluck instituted Nigeria's "Jail The Gays" law, members of the LGBT community have been pitted against each other, according to activists in the region. 

"This is what is happening, even within the community people are blackmailing each other or using this as a way to make money," Nigerian gay rights advocate Bisimi Alimi told Gay Star News. 




They were whipped for being thugs, NOT for being gay.

No matter were you go in this world you encounter the blacks using some sort of card to escape their bad deeds, whether it be race or sexual preference.

Worthless scum!

This is barbaric.  So upsetting.  Please write/email/tweet to The White House, The UN, John Kerry, CNN, Huff Post anyone that you think has any kind of influence, or voice that can call attention to these atrocities, or do something.  We have to do something.

I see a lot of reporting about these tragedies of human history and one of the saddest parts of the stories is that the reporters fail to include information about how the people they are informing can help at any point in their report.

Instead of just being reactive by posting an opinion on a news blog.  Let's get proactive and help!

And we are still sending aid to this Country...WTF is up iwth That!!!

This breakes my heart.  this is so awful. 


Why won't they fight back. I'd have gone against my personal morals to ensure my safety and my friends. This is cruel. 

Lol. You can't fight against the majority, or you can but would most likely face death...

Sad and infuriating. A step back in time. Freedom for everyone!

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