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Growing Concerns In Toronto’s Gay Village Over Number Of Missing Men

When I first heard the news this week of the four young men missing in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, my mind jumped to foul play and even some kind of gay sex connection gone horribly wrong or even someone getting revenge because of hazing.  Unfortunately, that is how my mind works in 2017.  The police have arrested two people in connection with the four killings all over supposed luring of the men into the woods under the belief they were going to buy drugs.

Our minds are all over the place, thinking the worst of most every situation it seems.  is this the case in regard to men tha have gone missing from Toronto?

There are growing concerns in Toronto’s Gay Village over the number of men who have gone missing in recent years from the Church and Wellesley area. As Caryn Lieberman reports, police aren’t confirming a connection between the men, but community members have their theories. -




Do you think this is foul play? Is it because they are gay? Is there a serial killer? 

Or should it be just brussed off because Toronto is a big city and people disappear for many reasons?

Our thoughts are with the missing men's families and a community that is looking for answers.


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