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GRUNT Takes Hot Male Underwear Models To Wonderland In "The Neon Carnival"

While we impatiently wait for GRUNT -- a new social connection app for the LGBT community -- to launch, the team is taking us down the rabbit hole with another sexy video. This one stars Murray Swanby, Johnathan Myers, Cory Lee, Shokra and a few other familiar faces. 

(Oh, and in case you're wondering: GRUNT plans to stick out of the gay GPS app crowd by allowing users to record profile voicemail messages so you can hear the voice of the person you're chatting with.)


I want to party with Cory Lee he is the sexiest thing out there now!!! mmmmmm

I needed to wear sunglasses and take Dremamine to watch that haha

I want to play dress up with these boys!  Party!

That Cory Lee is too fucking cute for words and Shokra looks fucking sickening!  WEERK

That was actually really fun, but I feel like I am on drugs now!  LOL

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