Guess Who Visits Gay Hollywood Medium Tyler Henry During His... Personal Time


We've got spirits, yes we do! Tyler Henry is the homosexy clairvoyant to the stars who has helped everyone from Megan Fox to Kylie Jenner reconnect with deceased loved ones on his series Hollywood Medium. According to a revealing new sit down with Us Weekly, Henry admits that spirits don't know the meaning of "alone time," and visit Henry whenever they choose - including when he's in the shower. The afterlife thirst is real folks! When asked if he's been contacted by spirits at inappropriate times, Henry responded:

It does happen ometimes in the morning when I’m getting ready. Sometimes when I’m in the shower, in which case, I’m like ‘I’ll see you outside.’



Whether or not you believe that your great Aunt Frida can float around you while you're sudsing up your no-no in the shower, you have to hand it Henry for finding his niche in Hollywood. Celebrities flock to the twenty-two-year-old's E! series looking for everything from closure to, apparently, shower buddies. But of all the celebrities he's interacted with, Henry's favorite one is RuPaul himself:

Getting to meet RuPaul was so special for me because he’s someone I’ve really looked up to my entire life. And getting to help him reconnect with his father and relive his messages really allowed that healing to go full circle.

Henry has been dating Clint Godwin for over a year now, and we'll need to wait to see how Godwin feels about Henry's bathroom visitors. Personally, I'd go all Real Housewives on a spirit!