Gulp. Double Gulp. Matt Lloyd Goes Full Frontal After Gay Hookup On Here And Now!


Come next awards season the casting director for the HBO series Here and Now definitely deserves to snatch the fake trophy for "Greatest Achievement In Thirst Bucketry" because Lordy Lordy has the series delivered a fine line up of gorgeous guys! But while we've witnessed previous nudity and hot gay shenanigans from the likes of Andy Bean and Daniel Zovatto, this week's appearance from Matt Lloyd truly takes the cake. Cake. Cake. Cake.

Lloyd's brief appearance on Here and Now is the latest actually released entry into his fledgling IMDB profile, but if I anything to do with it, this will be the appearance that makes him a star. The magic happens on the most recent episode, titled "Yes," as Daniel Zovatto's character Ramon Black chats it up with his father, Tim Robbin's Greg Bishop, in the doorway.



The stacked for the Gawds Lloyd casually saunters into the room completely nude, and for a blessed moment we see frontal and yes, backal! Of course this isn't even to mention Lloyd's insanely handsome face. Upon seeing his son's hot piece, Bishop simply states:

I didn't realize your were entertaining.

Frankly, if I was hooking up with someone who looked like Lloyd, I'd want my dad to see him too. Hell I'd send out an email blast with an attached pic to everyone I ever knew! This scene is obviously NSFW, so you'll need to hit the link below to check it out. Does Here and Now make you Smear and... Chow? Darnit. I've got nothing! 


Head HERE (NSFW) for the full nude scene