Gus Kenworthy Is THIS Hot Athlete's "Dad!" These Two...

The 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics truly have been giving me life - 20% of which has come from Johnny Weir's statement jewelry and 80% of which has come from the adorable friendship between openly gay US Olympians Gus Kenworthy and Adam Rippon! It seems like just yesterday that Kenworthy was stealing hearts at Sochi and later coming out in ESPN Magazine - inspiring a generation of LGBT youths to be wildly attractive and talented. Ugh if only I had someone like him to look up to when I was young!

Anyway, this year is all about the first explicitly openly gay male figure skater in US Olympic history - Adam Rippon - who already has the team skate bronze medal under his belt. Rippon is hard not to fall in love with, and in addition to his breathtaking performance (which was underscored by the judges, I call hacking,) he's vocal about his gayness on social media and truly doesn't seem to be phased by a dang thing. 

As luck would have, this year's two most lovable Olympic athletes have been loving on each other on Instagram, and following Rippon's historic win, Kenworthy posted an UH-DORABLE selfie of the two with the caption: "I'm a proud dad, today." He follows it with rainbow heart emojis, which I can't post on here, or the Internet will implode. So, yeah, I'm dead right now. This is the freaking cutest thing I've ever seen, and open expressions of homosensuality really are what the world needs right now. Johnny Weir is wearing a fascinator made of hair while explaining figure skating to eighty-year-old conservative straight couples. Gay medalists are calling each other "dad." A lot is wrong with the world right now, but at least we have this pic. Ugh. ADORBZ.   



I'm a proud dad, today.

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