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Guy Asks Random Men Out On A Date For Social Experiment

Two college students hired straight actor Josh Mazzola for a social experiment as part of their Televised Documentary project for their Television class. 

​Josh's mission? To ask out random men at the mall so that their reactions could be captured on tape!

​How do you think the men responded to Josh's overtures? Take a look and find out!

Josh explained that he was most surprised by people's openness to talking to a total stranger. What did you think of the reactions to this social experiment?

(Our favorite is the straight guy who still really wants to "chill.")

You can watch the full documentary, "Can We Date? (A Short Documentary About Sexuality)" here.


(H/T: The Gaily Grind)


This was done in Canada. 416 is a Toronto area code. I'm not at all surprised by the straight guys' reactions. My boss is an ex-NHL referee and he's as comfortable being around me and other gay guys at work as other gay guys are. Gays are loved like brothers here, except in some backwoods parts of the country. I bet the reaction would be different if the "study" was done in an American city.

No gay man would talk like that ("bro", "man", etc). Sorry.

I talk like that dude. I'm not fem at all. I'm just a regular guy.

You guys are taking this too serious. For me it's just an experiment that shows how people could react in a specific situation. 

Ask ask a guy, especially a black guy, in the hood and see what kind of response you'll get. Inquiring minds want to know....

I would never dare to ask someone out like that, I'm such a wuss. So I felt panic the whole video, but it was really awesome how well they all seem to take it!


why hire a straight guy to do a gay guy? he has no issue approaching guys that seem straight, because he does not care if he gets rejected or not, you can tell he is so straight, no gay man will approach openly another man, especially in a mall, and guys that look straight. The guys he is approaching can tell at some level that he is straight, even though they may not have a gaydar, what did you guys learn from all this? that a straight guy can play a gay guy? or gay guys have an easy life as they can get tel number? nothing about this is realistic... gay guys are socialized to not do this and dont hit on straight guys in malls.

no... just no. gay doesn't "look" like anything. He was hitting on dudes and speaking as casually as I would in that situation. How do you even know if he's straight? Flamboyancy also does not equal gay...But you're saying that they should have put out a more "stereotypical gay man" to which I say...that's fucking stupid.

I would have absolutely no problem asking someone out at the mall. I'm also not into perpetuating stereotypes either.

As a gay man it saddened me to read some of these comments and to see such negativity and bitterness coming from fellow gay people.... if you yourself cant believe that it can be like this then what hope in hell do we have??  -____-

P.s I come from a very small catholic village in the south of Ireland and Yes it is like this! 

With all the gay bashing that still goes on lets not pretend this is the norm. And for the guy who said there are more masculine gays than feminine. If you cant tell, than how could you possibly know that?

This is like white man painted the his face black and act like black man.

How absurd.

what a joke.  this is not what it's like for gay men.  let me guess... straight people decided to do a "gay experiment" with straight people.... hope you all had fun!  

Pretending to be gay for an "experiment"?  That is the most stupid and absurd ideation o pair of "college guys" could have had.  I guess their empty brains could not think of something better to do.  

Of course they would respond to him he is cisgender.  The ideal masculinity.   So even straight would consider becoming bicurious because of a cisgender gay man perpetuating the idea that cisgender males are the ones to set the status que.   it is still oppressive because the guy never approach a non cisgender male.  But a lot of cisgender males are overwhelmed by extreme gender queer males    So anyways this perpetuates that cisgender males still set the status que in the gay world.   

Yes, because all cisgender gay men are masculine aren't they Chad? And all transgender people are visibly trans, aren't they Chad?

You're the kind of person who thinks that only transgender people know hardship and oppression, aren't you?

And how would you know what gender they are?  Do you have to wear a letter sewn on your clothing?  Is this the Scarlet Letter?  No.  You don't know.  You're the one setting a status quo.  That's you're own ideology, and you yourself are being oppressive by pressing labels on people.  How do you like your own medicine?

ugh fuck, thank you.

Josh, YOU and your COMMENT are what is offencive.

Yes, of course people reacted smoothly, given the guy was acting overly-hyper-masculine. He was just a "bro," a "dude," representing a lesser threat to the masculinity of the "str8" men being asked out. I believe this video is offensive because it falls into the same mainstream gay propaganda about how gays should act and that is as bad as being in the closet.  

the thing is many many gay men are just as masculine as he was .. I would say that most even , fall into this category .. I think the guys who are effeminate are actually the minority of gay men ... We all think that most gay men are obviously gay in their mannerisms , when that is not the case ..  Most of us are just bro's , and dudes , we are men after all , and we celebrate masculinity . Most gay men actually find the effeminate gay man a turn off . By that i do not mean offensive in any way , just not a turn on to us . Gay men after all like MEN  right ? , If we wanted someone who was feminine , we would just go after girls ... The sad think is , we miss out on a lot of good guys because of not being able to know for sure who is or is not gay . Unless they were to tell us they are gay , we wouldn't know .  I would say most gay men are just as masculine as the average jock , dude , bro , whatever you want to call us . The effeminate gay man is , yes , obvious , but far from the typical gay man . I lived 40 years , and was never accused of being gay , and no one in my family would of ever thought i was , and were very surprised to find out differently ... I think this is the story of many gay men ...

Dude what's with the gender stereotypes. Just bc someone is feminine doesn't mean they want to be a girl. Yea I hate to break it to you but there's lots of straight guys that aren't bros or super masculine just like not all straight women are feminine or super girly

Gender stereotypes are formed from general gender behaviors.  All he said is gay men are attracted to men with qualities that are deemed masculine.  Your argument is an apple to their orange.  Where did he say that feminine men want to be girls?  

Not all gay men are attracted to those qualities you know I know lots of gay guys who are attracted to feminine men. Plus saying that they don't act like men implies that they act like girls

Toronto ? 647 tel number?

It is surprising how nice everyone was about it. Kudos to Josh for being so open and showing it's no different male or female. Dating is dating and the guys who still wanted to hang with a complete stranger was a little weird but, cool.

in my country you would get a punch in the face !!!! hahahahahahah but its so cool to see how this develops

Your country sounds like a horrible place.

Yeah sounds just like United States. 

LOL if you don't see a difference in tolerance between America and say...Jamaica... or Saudi Arabia, you're a fucking moron.


Just out the blue like that, I would think that the guy wants to go out with me to sell me something or to rip me off

Bet things wouldn't have went that smoothly here in Indiana!

I live in Indiana and know tons of open gay people. And even more tolerant straight people. My husband looks like the biggest redneck person ever and he wouldn't be offended. 

says a lot about Indiana .. probably why no one wants to live in a place like that ..

I live here in Mass one of the supposed most liberal states of the United States and even here where gay marriage was legalized first we still have a lot of homo haters. I almost got gay bashed in boston and here in taunton I had bottles thrown at me while standing outside the gay bar well when it was a gay bar. They are everywhere even down in Ptown which is like the gay Capital of the East Coast

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