Guy Dresses Up Like Local Realtors To Replace Them In Their Own Ads

The camp and humor of local realtor ads is not lost in certain plotlines of Modern Family, nor is it lost on artist Phil Dunphy Jones. For Jones' latest project, he scavenged the Dollar Tree's wig rack and hit up Goodwill's sale section to dress up as local realtors. With his look on point, he then photographed himself miming the exact poses of his muses before replacing their images with his in their public ads. 

These are the results:

The project, called "Faces of Real Estate," took place over the span of about a month. ​

"I have a deep respect for anyone who is willing to put their face on a bus stop bench knowing what people do to them," Phil says. "I thought it would be fun to do my own take on our local realtor advertisements."