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Guy Walks Around Tokyo Backwards And Releases Mesmerizing Video Played In Reverse

After Happy Hour our balance can't be trusted, so we can only imagine the number of takes and the amount of skill that went into this guys backward trek around Toyko! The end result is a nine hour movie (yes, NINE HOURS!) full of mesmerizing scenes featuring the now forward-walking actor (who isn't hard on the eyes) as the rest of Tokyo whizzes past him, in reverse. The movie team has released a five minute collection of some of the film's best scenes for those of us with lives to lead, and the effect is profound. 

Check it out:


He's not walking backwards. Everyone else is. He walks "heal, ball, toe," and everyone else walks "toe, ball, heal." You can walk backwards and lead with your heal. 

y'all are pressed for content

you would think sars is stilll going on given all those masks. What is up with that?

awesome and definitely mesmerizing

dude walks funny.

And this profound how?

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