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Guy In Yoga Pants Leggings Tricks Bros Into Staring At His Booty

YouTube prankster fouseyTUBE wanted to know what it feels like for a girl, so he donned a pair of Yoga Pants leggings (meggings, technically), bent over in front of his car and let the oglers come to him. Unfortunately, after approaching the guys who walk buy, fouseyTUBE made it obvious that this prank is less about obtaining a new perspective and more about making gaybait a punch line, but one tall drink of booty-loving water who owns up to the eye-fucking makes it all worth it. 



(h/t: ShockMansion)


I think black men can be sexy too.

Totally funny!!!!

Men with good bodies in tights or speedos look hot!

yes they do. :)

I would totally grab that butt

Thith ith hilariouth!   0_0

Daffy Duck

This is funny as hell! I wanna feel his booty! wait...someone rolled by on a skateboard and they were texting! LMAO

I actually couldn't stop staring at his eyebrows!

Was lathing in the tram to the point i really needed to go to pee lol amazing!


It's too bad there wasn't a way to capture the passerby staring without overtly accusing them of staring.  I rock a gender bender style all the time ( ), I regularly get guys checking me out from behind. They are often a little embarassed when they find out I'm a dude - a straight one, no less, but I've never had anyone try to get in my face. 

The ones that got angry...come and try to hit me morons....NOH8!!!!!

As usual, obnoxious black men always say something out loud while the white guys quietly (and politely) just look without saying anything.

Staring isn't polite, don't kid yourself.

Racist much?

Maybe in this video. In real life I've heard rude comments from all different races. Plus, at least with black guys you know where you stand. The white guys are thinking the same thing/committing the same act by staring (make us uncomfortable) they just don't say anything to put up a front like they are so polite.

You're probably not aware of this, but you're racist. Have a good day!

Learn what racist means before u call someone a racist... 

Ignorant ass. 

Now see I can call u that bc I know what ignorant means and you displayed that with your racist comment... Lmao 

I dont think so. Black guys just act a way more homofobic than white dudes.

Have you ever been in a locker room with straight white men? They are the first to point out the gay dude. Just because someone is quiet with it does not mean they are less homophobic. Not to mention that dude was messing with them. Had he not said something to the first black guy he would of just kept walking.

You would think his name would totally shoot down your claim! hahaha


As is typical, the prankster using gay people as a punch line has got NO RESPONSE when he's confronted by an actual gay dude staring at his ass..  Hallmark of a bad comedian.  LAAAAAAAME

Annnnnd here we go with politically-correcting people to death again. Eventually no one will be able to make a joke about anything at all because of all the sensitive little pc bitches in the world.


So Funny.. the dude that wants to box might be a closet case inside if we was going all crazy on the prank.

Love your pranks and got 2 thumbs up from me..

So you poditioned yourself in front of passing men to get them to look at your ass ... do you could call them out for looking at your ass.  You're not fooling anybody bro, you just want man eyers on your tush.  Don't fear your feelings.  Don't make a lame excuse for wanting men to notice you.  Just go with it.

First thing - grammar and spell check, you've seem to neglected both.  Second - what in god's name are you talking about?  I think you might be in the deep end without your floaties.  Maybe next time just write you comments down and post them on the fridge for you mom to see.

LOL @PorscheDriver: either your name means you 'wish' you drove a Porsche or you're blind. That's clearly an Infiniti G35 or G37.

^ WAAH cry little birdie.

That's not a Porsche -_-

Yo , love this... lemme touch it man. LoL
Straight guys have been doing that for decades , but they be like Ah Nah man, and be pissed. I love the IN YO FACE~TAGGING ON THESE FOOLS. Thank you.
Hit me up jc schulte on facebook

Yo , love this... lemme touch it man. LoL
Straight guys have been doing that for decades , but they be like Ah Nah man, and be pissed. I love the IN YO FACE~TAGGING ON THESE FOOLS. Thank you.
Hit me up jc schulte on facebook

For those that can't laugh it off, your life will be looooong and miserable. Boom.


I love the guy that called his bluff and said he had a nice arse. He was clearly at a loss for words!  

Best part of the video, in my opinion. After a while, it just got to be too aggressive. Its one thing to do this to gauge a reaction and point out the ignorance of the concept in general. It's another to chase people around after and force yourself upon them. It began as a great idea, but ended in failure, in my opinion.

This is stupid and that's also not a Porsche it's an infiniti g coupe (30k difference in price)

Really?  Really?  Wow...You're kind of a dumbass - just sayin.

Thats definately a porsche dude!

has to be one of the funniest videos I've ever seen!!

I would bite your ass dude.... lol

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