Hackers Interrupted A Political Debate's Live Stream To Play Pornography

A political debate was rudely (or maybe nicely) interrupted by gay porn.

This past Thursday (May 17), a California Congressional debate, hosted by an organization called Independent Like the North State, was being broadcast live online. Also, the debate was being shared over radio station KFOI 90.9 FM.

The debate was meant for all seven candidates currently running for the 1 District U.S. Congressional seat, which is currently being held by incumbent Doug LaMalfa, but only two politicians agreed to participate.

Green party candidate Lewis Elbinger and Democratic Party candidate David Peterson were making their opening statements when they were interrupted.

As KRCR News reports:

“Online viewers and listeners on radio station KFOI 90.9 FM had just heard opening statements from the two candidates when a video feed, clearly showing sexual acts between two men, filled the screen for several seconds shortly after 8:00 p.m. Thursday night.”

“The moderator could be heard saying, ‘Looks like we got hacked again, we’ll try to fix this.’ The feed was then shut down.”

In order to address the situation, Chris Verrill, who was working as the debate’s moderator, spoke to KRCR News to say that the situation was disappointing, but a part of the democratic process.

"We had a community forum, and while it's disappointing people did not respect us, or the candidates, or more importantly the democratic process, or the community, that's part of the way democracy works," Verrill said.

Verill also shared on Facebook, “We’re already making plans to reschedule the candidate forum so we can work together to move forward.”