Halloween PSA Tells Kids (And Reminds Parents) They Can Be Whoever They Want To Be

Photo: YouTube

A new Halloween PSA will surely tug at your heartstrings.

The short two minute video is a beautiful, encouraging reminder that children should be free to express themselves as they wish, no matter their gender.

In the video, a mother and father can be seen preparing for Halloween fun with their children, a young boy and girl.

But when the children choose their superhero costumes to go trick or treating, their father looks a bit concerned. (See above.)


Watch how things work out in the heartwarming clip:



On YouTube, the production company behind the video writes:

This 2-minute digital PSA was written by Alexander Day and Brian Carufe, and produced by the team at Landwirth Legacy Productions, as means to challenge gender stereotypes when it comes to children's Halloween costumes.

We think they did a beautiful job.



If I were a man who wears make up, my mascara would need to be "fixed." This is a great advert.

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