Hanson Performed For NPR's Music Tiny Desk Concert

Do you remember Hanson? If you don’t, you were probably either a small child or older than say 20 during the 90s.

If you were somewhere in between those ages during the 90s and early 2000s, then you probably at least recognize a song or two from the band of three brothers.

Hanson is a band made up of Taylor, Zac, and Isaac who reached top popularity for their song “MMMBop.”

If you do know the band and/or it was Taylor Hanson that made you discover your sexuality, like one famous gay comedian, then you’ll be happy to know the boys are still at it.

Yes, while mainstream audiences may not be checking up on the Hanson brothers, they still have a strong fanbase and continue to release new music.

This eventually led to them getting to perform for NPR, which has an popular series of artists like Paramore, T-Pain, Chance the Rapper, Adele, The Blue Man Group, and more performing in their office.

You can watch the video down below.