Happy 10 Years Of Marriage Equality, Canada!

Today is the 10th anniversary of marriage equality in Canada, meaning, at least in the modern traditions, that diamonds should be nestled inside bowed jewelry boxes as same-sex couples across the country prepare to celebrate. 

The Globe and Mail reflects on the 10 years of Canadian marriage equality:

A decade later, Michael Leshner and Michael Stark — Canada’s first legally married same-sex couple — believe the battle to have their union recognized by the courts has made it easier for today’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Canadians to feel accepted. “We were, I think, the last major group that in the public imagination was very discriminated against,” said Leshner. “Once you have marriage you have full equality. That was won that day.” Nicknamed “the Michaels,” the pair’s quick civil ceremony in Toronto came just hours after Ontario’s Court of Appeal pronounced the Canadian law on traditional marriage unconstitutional on June 10, 2003. While Ontario was the first to legally recognize same-sex marriage, many other provinces followed soon after. Two years later, the federal government legalized same-sex marriage countrywide with the gender-neutral Civil Marriage Act.

Canada hasn't slipped off into the ocean anytime in the past decade that it has provided equal access to civil marriage for its gay couples. That puts somewhat of a spoil on bigots' arguments that marriage equality will destroy nations, doesn't it?