Harvey Milk Stamp Revealed?

A popular website covering stamps and other postal service areas of interest reports that the postage note design honoring Harvey Milk is finally here. 

The black and white photo punctuated with the civil rights activist's name and a rainbow color bar is said to have a release date of May 22, Harvey's birthday. It marks the first time an LGBT leader has been immortalized on a U.S. stamp. 

The Bay Area Reporter has more:

Four years ago the B.A.R. broke the news that the Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee had contacted Milk’s family about a potential stamp. And last May the paper disclosed that leaked documents obtained by Linn’s showed the advisory committee had voted to release the Milk stamp in 2014.

The postal service has yet to say where the issuance ceremony for the Milk stamp will take place. As the B.A.R. reportedin March, a local philatelist started a White House petition calling for it to be in San Francisco due to rumors that it will take place in Washington, D.C.

The petition has failed to draw public support, however, netting just 20 signatures as of today. Linn’s March 31 report noted that Washington, D.C. and San Francisco are both under consideration to be the first-day cities for the Milk stamp issuance ceremony.

The site added that dual ceremonies in both cities is also a possibility.