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Hate Group Defends Arizona "Gay Segregation" Bill

Alliance Defending Freedom, a co-author of legislation seeking to allow businesses to refuse goods and services to gay people in Arizona, let mouthpiece Kellie Fiedorek attempt damage control on CNN this morning. Unfortunately, Kellie fails at convincing Chris Cuomo that the Draconian measure only protects anti-gay Christians (the real victims here, apparently) from discrimination themselves. 

If you haven't gotten your cardio in for the day, press play below to spin, spin, spin with Kellie's loopy argument. 


So ignorant! How does she sleep at night. No one is forced to be creative for gays. She just flat out stupid. Com'on Jan Veto this bill!

Disgusting Nazi Bitch!

The very thing they think they are protecting they are destroying. Ugh, stupid people. 

Hat the commercials we have to listen to before seeing videos. Guess I won't be watching anymore videos on this website. 

She's kind of pathetic.  They stuck her up there because she's young and mildly attractive and female.  She sounded like she had no clue what she was talking about and sounded both ignorant and unconvinced of her own position.


A Muslim shouldn't be forced to attend a Quran burning - WTF - is she serious? First - she talks about a Quran burning as if that's perfectly acceptable. 

Haven't business owners always had the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason? This is a political stunt to draw attention to a wedge issue and keep the political parties firmly divided. 

Perhaps, but for reasons like being too loud, dressed inappropriately, bothering other patrons, this however, is specifically targeted against gays and lesbians. It's no different than refusing to serve blacks in the 60's, except now it's being wrapped in the guise of religion instead of the social norms of the era.

Oh please - her legs have been together longer then the Lennon Sisters.

Get a date sissy-I'm-so-Sad

We Are Not Going Anywhere Karma Is A Bitch !!!! IDIOTS At Their Finest !!!!

This chick must be related to Rumpelstiltskin. She can spin bullsh__ into gold.

And the most frightening thing is, she & others like her believe it.

She is full of shit.  This is not the complete interview, I heard Chris Coumo pointed out that the organization she is representing has been always anti gay - including the legislation against LGBT in Russia.  I still do not understand how these people can sleep at night and say they are christians!

The B*#$h definitely ate her crazy flakes today....and why didn't the newscaster ask her if a gay man was in an automobile accident and was sent to a religious hospital, or a religious doctor this law would allow them to deny assistance to the gay person on the basis that it goes against their sincerely held religious beliefs. Or a Pharmacist denying to fill a gay mans prescription to his HIV medicines....It's completely discriminatory and creates a second class of citizen.

Full of dog poop!

Appalled by this story and video, but also by poor use of grammar in your article....should "gotten" not only be used in the past tense, ie "they'd have gotten what they deserved", or in the sense of "ill-gotten" gains. The word "gotten" does not, as far as I am aware, exist in the dictionary, in the present tense (Eg..."if you haven't gotten your cardio in for the day....").

Are you seriously using your poor understanding of grammar to "correct" other people's grammar?  How funny and sad at the same time...

Quite a level of irony in the grammatical errors used whilst pointing out grammatical error.

Wow....grammar Nazi much?

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