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Hate Group Radio Host Blames Ukraine Crisis On U.S. Drag Show

A drag performance fundraiser that took place over the weekend at a U.S. military base in Japan somehow transcended the boundaries of time to provoke Russian President Vladimir Putin to invade Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula days before, according to Kevin McCullough. 

One can never limit homophobic propaganda to the confines of logic, the dimension of time and space or sanity, as we've learned many times from McCullough on air with hate group American Family Association's radio show. 

McCullough thinks Putin invaded Crimea because he thinks he can get away with it after seeing the U.S. "disintegrate culturally right in front of everybody’s eyes” along with “the sissification of our military.”

"Putin looks at the U.S., and we’re having drag shows on our bases,” he added. "Do developments like this have anything to do with making our military leaders look less impressive in the eyes of the world? Does Mr. Putin sit there and go, ‘Yeah, I’m not going to do anything Obama says because number one, he can’t keep his word, and number two, your military is now having drag shows on its bases?’” 

Ready for ALL the eye rolls? Click play below:

(h/t: HuffPo)


Drag really isn't something I can identify with and I don't know why anyone would be having drag shows on a military base. As a gay man, I guess I wasn't given that gene.  But he's attempting to make a connection that just isn't there. If this guy thinks that that is what is causing the mess in the Ukraine, then he needs to start following the news a little more closely. 

why do you let people like this have a voice 

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