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Have You Met The 'Human Ken Doll'?

​​The Daily Beast has an interview with Justin Jedlica, also known as "the Human Ken Doll"--a reference to his 149 cosmetic procedures including 19 full surgeries. 

It's certainly an interesting look into what motivates someone to transform themselves so entirely.

Jedlica says:

I don’t even know if I look like a Ken Doll, but if other people want to say I do, it’s flattering. As a kid, you play with Ken dolls and kind of assume that is what a handsome guy is supposed to look like.


I would say more of my inspiration stems from ‘manga’ or anime. I find that much more appealing in all honestly than a Ken doll. It’s sort of that over-stylized, cartoonish version of human form [that I like]. I have all these haters on my page being like, ‘Does that mean you want to cut off your penis?’ And I’m like actually, I wish it was dragging on the ground like anime. [Laughs] There’s actually this subgroup of people do that—they cut off their nipples and bellybuttons and castrate themselves. By [surgery] number 13 or 14, I became really enamored with celebrity and with pop culture—I was a big follower of Michael Jackson and Joan Rivers.

In case you're wondering, Jedlica has been in a relationship for five years and joined his partner in a civil union this past July. 

What's he think about his husband's plastic surgery??

Actually, he tells me that my plastic surgery turns him on. [Laughs] When he talks about my shoulders—because I have the front, middle, and back—he’s like, ‘Oh, these are like my new handlebars!’

But in all honesty, he doesn’t have any qualms with it. It was something we talked about even before we got married, because I was like, ‘We’re not going to get married if you’re going to give me shit about my surgeries!’ He was like, ‘Oh, I know that’s part of you, it’s totally fine.’ He’s not opposed to having work done either. It really was a moot point; it wasn’t an issue at all. I think he thinks it’s kind of cool.

Thoughts, Instincters?


From the ribs down, he looks like a woman, with a tennis ball shoved down her crotch.. This big bulge looks completely unattractive, would not be surprised if he had larger prosthetic testicles put in. 

He looks like Joan Rivers, another idiot who has had too much plastic surgery. Call it OvertheRivermetics.

This man looks surreal and vaguely interplanetary.  My opinion has nothing at all to do with his sexuality.  And it's clear that he enjoys attention.  He appears everywhere---willingly--- as an object of curiosity. I would say that his bizarre self-promotion is an intrusion on everyone else's privacy.

He does not "look fine now," whatever that means.  He looks like a science project.

Bless his heart. I think that sometimes the money to be made on plastic surgery outweighs the concern for the underlying psychological problems that might lead to body dysmorphia. He certainly doesn't look like a ken doll, but, if he's actually happy, then more power to him. 

Idk what to say really. LOL.  He really need to get some help ASAP b4 too late. Or he just need to look in the morrow. 

I thought Ken was masculine and hot?? This looks like another flamer from South Beach. Those pecs look like breat implants. Who is that white trash old hag with him on the beach? Probably his mother sponging of his little bit of money from these cheesy interviews.

I thought Ken was masculine and hot?? This looks like another flamer from South Beach. Those pecs look like breat implants. Who is that white trash old hag with him on the beach? Probably his mother sponging of his little bit of money from these cheesy interviews.

Its up to him to do what he wamts with his body and if having plastick surgery makes him happy then more power to him.

Anyone that dissatisfied with their body has some serious issues. I don't feel sorry for him I pity him and his severe lack of self hate. Very pathetic

I don't care what you guys say. I think he looks totally hot in that beach photo. 

Ken looks totally different.

A bit much, but if he's happy, that's all that matters really.

He looks like plastic dildo. Disgusting. It can be real scary when you waking up, turning around in bed and see THAT on other half. Hope he is happy with all this transformation. My opinion is irrelevant for him anyway.

I don't find him ugly at all. It's a very unique look that makes him happy. It's his body and his life and if you think he is ugly don't look because I'm pretty sure you are not so good looking yourself with some of these negative comments. He didn't get the surgery to make you happy he got it so he could look in the mirror and feel beautiful and that's all that matters.

Oh my god, he is ugly.

I was totally disgusted till i saw that bulge, surgeries are worth it. High five

I am not here to judge.

If this is what makes him feel good about himself, then he is welcome to it.

Yes, it is shocking to see him for the first time, but if he is happy we should leave him to it.

The only thing I am concerned about is his health. Mental and physical.

Also I would like to know why these doctors think it is ok to keep putting him under for all of these procedures. Obviously these plastic surgeons are not looking out for their patients health. They are just interested in getting paid so they can continue on living in their big mansions and driving flashy cars.

He looks stupid.

I think he has gone way to far with all these surgeries. When do you say enough, is enough? Sooner or later his heart will explode from being put under so many times. Not only that but he no longer looks like a human or a man. Please some one make him eat something.

One word...ugh!

I think this is wonderful,and I do not judge his choosing to get surgery. If you are not satisfied  with the way you look, there are wonderful doctors who can assist you, when getting these types of surgeries it is not uncommon to get others in order to make things more proportionate to your new assets, and I can appreciate someone who gets the entire tune up, over just a minor filter change,its takes vision and bravery. There is nothing " natural" about what the majority of society recognizes as beautiful, so lets stop kidding ourselves. 

It's difficult to look at him. Plastic surgery is completely fine when you come out looking like a human being. When you look like this, that's too much.

His face looks like Cher's face ! Don't you think ? :P

Pec and shoulder implants? Why not just hit the gym? Then his physique wouldn't look so bizarre and caricaturish. I can't fault someone for having surgery to correct what they consider a flaw or deformity. But I really question what's in the head of someone like this. A persons' anxiety and neurosis behind ongoing surgical alterations is not nearly as attractive as someone who approaches life more confidently. 

The only part of him I like is his luscious full head of hair......and perhaps that is a "hair system". To each his own, but if he is going to be a marketable product (the human Ken doll), "celebrity" and a public figure, then the public has every right to state their opinion about what he has done. So those that want to be the comment Nazi's, lighten up. Everyone has a right to say what they think. 

Why are gays such bitches! If he is happy in his journey...hurting no one...then why are you even commenting! Embrace all of our community! We create more internal division; as we fight for equality than necessary!

You can't say all gays are same, I'm gay, masculine, and I never have been considered to made something like that on my self. I go to the gym dairy and play volley since 15 years, that is something out off my test.

Its not just gay men who are "bitches". Frankly those who support this freakishness are just as shallow as the subject is. You put yohrself out there to be judged then expect it all to come your way. This guy should hit a gym if he doesnt like his body. Yes ot hard work and takes longer than surgury, but I wont need more surgury as I age. This guy will. And before any of you say I dont understand or lets see your pic, know that I was a successful gay gogo boy for 8 years and I worked at it. I didnt go the surgery rout. Straight men fall for this crap too. Want to know what he will end up looking like by the time he is 50? Joan Rivers anyone.

I agree!! If this is his journey, let him do it!

No judgments from me! Quite a few of gay men, can be shady bitches!! A shame too!!

I'm sorry but he is too skinny. He looks like he should be in an in a concentration camp. He has really messed himself up with the plastic surgeries. His eyes are so creepy now. I feel sorry for this poor guy because he felt he had to do this to himself. He doesn't look like a Ken doll to me at all.

Can we see your face and body! Can't eait to judge it!

Its his life let him live it. But dont glamourize plastic surgery ad a means to an end. But dare I ask does he have a Rubbermaid stamp on his ass...

Hey to me, he's probably more plastic than the real Ken doll.... If he can't be happy withwhat he had on the outside certainly means he wasn't happy on the inside....

I wonder if he got plastic surgery on his schlong? It probably looks like a dildo.

She's a wreck.

This guy gets to much media attention. I'm sick of seeing him already. Good for you, live you life. It doesn't mean I want to hear about it everyday. As if he is some sort of hero or public figure. He's not. Just a guy who has had to many surgeries. Big deal. 

Apparently your not sick of hearing about him because you clicked on the story and read it. You then decided to comment on it.

Obviously you find him fascinating in some sense.


Oh yea

Sorry... this is over the top IMO. If he felt that strongly about changing himself..then he has issues..

He is not attractive to me at all, I am not judging him personally but he put his shit out here so i am entitled to my opinion and i think he looks very unattractive and you can tell he's had stuff done nothing looks natural again just my opinion.....those KNEE"S...serioulsy W T F?

I was ok, and then came the full body pic. Something just doesn't quite jive. My personal opinion, his life, his choice.

I had the privilege of meeting Justin in February. A very sweet guy. It's sad to see all the negative feedback. He is beautiful inside and out. Why do you whiten your teeth ? Trim your nails?? Who are you to judge ? Just because he wants to make changes that don't meet your standards, you are not in any position to say it's ugly. Appreciate everyone around you for all their differences, and stop critiquing.... 

He's got a huge package

you would have one too if you did what he did - implants baby!  - he was on my cruise - found him to be a flaming attention whore - he is truly the result of low self esteem - so sad

steve s he told on tv that he doenst need all the material stuff we need (like fancy cars fancy furniture fancy vacations) and puts that money into his fetish

whatever makes you happy I guess

to each his own kicks

So... He is in no way attractive to me. Again just my opinion. However, he looks surprisingly decent for having that many nips, tucks and lifts. He needs to stop now while he's ahead before he really starts looking bad. That last picture though...gross.

Thank God I have superior genetics. nasty after surgery too.

He looks fine now, I hope he stops! 

I think he looks gross, and those lips looks like he has been sucking on a pool drain! what ever happened to growing old gracefully?


rich and stupid Johns

there is nothing good looking about this "guy" 

I'd fuck him

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