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HBO Gay Series 'Looking': Meet The Lead Characters

HBO is giving us a closer look at the lead characters of the upcoming San Francisco-based gay series, Looking! (Watch a trailer here.)

Check out this intro to Patrick (Jonathan Groff), Agustin (Frankie J. Alvarez), and Dom (Murray Bartlett) as we prepare to jump into their world on January 19!!


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Doesn't anyone remember QUEER AS FOLK? Now THAT was a show that embraced all types & colors, & situations in the gay community. Yeah the BRIAN character was ludicrous, but didn't we all know someone like at least one of the characters? As far as I'm concerned, not knocking it, but this type of series has been done before.

Predictable comments from white gay men who are threatened by even the slightest challenge to their embrace of the Jim Crow self-segregation so rampant in the gay community. Why are the pro-WHITES ONLY gays so invested in preventing others from questioning it? Maybe its because if our hetero allies knew how racist the gay community is, we'd lose them and rightfully so. Bars having "Asian nights" and "hip-hop (read black) nights", The Abbey refusing to hire anything but white or white-tino bartenders, quotas on the amounts of black gogo boys, n-bombs dropped indiscriminately...I could go on and on. Pathetic. Thank goodness Andrew Christian started sleeping with a black guy who he subsequently tapped to model his underwear -- otherwise his company would still be lily white.

I agree with those saying if you don't like the show, don't watch. And I submit that if you don't people complaining that gay media almost always resembles an Aryan Youth advertisement, don't listen. Everybody wins.

A lot of these comments are so crazy...talking like Gay people are a race and demanding that the influence of the rainbow be met white, black, Latino etc...just out of your own pains or perspectives.  Gay people are just normal people....they are an array of race, personality and integrity.  I'm sure If the story wasn't coming from some one trying to show a specific thought I'm sure everyone of racial equality would be represented.  Just sit back and watch or DON'T! Must your negativity be heard? I am a fan of many HBO shows and am happy to see lots of the raw talent being birthed on this channel.  Go ahead and judge my statements but first judge me right.  I am a white, 29 year old male, twin brother, uncle, and a faithful to God person aka...Christian, and I'm very open minded and want to see what these artists have In store for this show.  I will be watching in hopes that the show ends up meaning something.  I don't understand being hateful, or unjust to something you haven't fully seen.  There are many episodes to be shown.  Please be more respectful to what the show is about (people) verses it being exactly what YOU want it to be.  From what I've seen and experienced, the gay community is much nicer than what many of the above comments have been.  Also remember, the writers of this show are people and ultimately artists that are working to portray the main points they're suppose to get across. PS...none of this was meant to be point to be perceived was just, "Watch if you want to, don't complain because it's another interesting show on HBO that is about normal people!"

peace out

As a citizen of SF I can say the diversity here isn't typical of the diversity that some of the comments are calling for. There are very few black men here. Jokingly I think there may only be ten. For them you need to go to Oakland. Our people of color are Asian and Latin, who are exceedingly young and clique-ish. SF is evolving into a new environment. It's very white, hetero, rich and conservative. This show is only a story. Some of it may be based on fact but most of it is the imagination of some writers, who probably aren't gay. People quit taking it so fucking seriously and focus on your own lives. Write your own goddamn fantasy story about diversity in SF.  I won't believe it either, I just hope it's well written. Smooches XXX 

i'm gonna ignore the dismissive generalizations you make about asian and latin@ people in SF, and get to the heart of the matter: the SF that you describe is what the city has been turning into over the past 1.5 decades as a result of intense gentrification and the continued marginalization of communities of color in SF proper. it's really not the city it used to be, and we will likely never again see that kind of SF ever again. what the city is currently is the result of many years of redlining of lower and middle-class communities of color in many parts of the city, working in tandem with the huge influx of educated, upper-middle class white ppl attracted to its allegedly progressive reputation and proximity to tech jobs. the filmore district was historically a nexus for the african-american and japanese-american communities in the greater bay area until it was turned into a housing redevelopment area (i.e. the projects). in the mission district, latin@ residents are now being pushed farther and farther south and away from downtown due to soaring housing costs along the northern part of guerrero and valencia sts. just drive 20-30 mins. south of SF proper and you find more middle-class areas like daly city, south SF, and millbrae, where neighborhoods are 35-55% asian/asian-american. there are real economic reasons that explain the lack of people of color in your own SF experience, and it's important to point out that the producers and writers of this show are blind to what's really been going on, just like many recent transplants to the city. ironically, while you talk about how the show's content is up to the imagination of some writers who aren't gay themselves, the story's fantastic vision of what the city is really like is just that—a modern fantasy. HBO tends not to put its money into shows that give a fair representation of diversity to their audience (take for example, Girls and Sex in the City), but isn't this very telling as to what the show's writers believe a gay (white) male audience wants? the show's success shows us just who really holds power in the LGBT community, i.e. not people of color. it's hard for people to enjoy a television show that constantly but unwittingly reminds people of how powerless someone else's fantasy renders them.

The show has not even started yet and people are hating on it. We need to support the community, I'm very excited, HBO does not put out shit, it will be amazing!!!!!

I don't get it. If you watch the trailers, there is latino main character. His black boyfriend, Jonathan Groff's Asian coworker and his latino love interest (the guy on the muni). Gosh please complain before you watch the show. There are people of color in this show... 

No older guys....don't older single gay guys exist?   Am I the only one?   No overweight guys?   No unattractive guys?   I won't be watching another show about twinkies "looking."  Who cares?

I agree about no black main charters also I bet no Hispanic charters as well as no bigger men in them unless being put down by show.  I just hope they are not filled with hairless twinks of any age.  Men have hair.  I can not find the American version of QAF on either Hulu Plus or Netflixs.  I don't imagine I will be seeing this series in near future.

The only way you will see the show is to buy the DVDs like I did.

I'll just go ahead and live my life, thanks.  Don't need a show to tell me all about life in San Francisco for gay guys.    #tired

The 70's porn stache makes him look older.

And hotter!

Yeah Dom is hot as hell. And his story arc reminds me(so far) of myself. A lot. They could have been talking about me when they shot this video. No joke.

That said, I understand the furor over the lack of diversity in this. It's a bit disappointing. But you know what? I don't see any of you producing your own shows. When you do that, you can do it any way you want.

One more thing. I don't see a lot of diversity in groups of friends in the gay scene. Everyone gravitates towards their own little group. Bears, otters, chubs, gays of color, etc....if you want more diversity portrayed, then demonstrate diversity in the way you live.
P.S. I'm black, if you were wondering.

I find all the 'taste the rainbow' and 'where's the color' comments really pathetic. Does everything nowadays have to be about race and racism? Give me a break 'ultra liberal ladies lookin for a way to be offended'. Stop he whining.... Did you take into consideration that just maybe the talent was not there--I have seen few episodes of Noah's Ark. I would bet to wager that if it the acting wasn't up to par in the show, you'd be the same people complaining about that too. 

I for one will be turning in to see this original HBO series. Why, because it looks like a damn great show. The acting looks awesome, the situations look engaging and realistic and, let's face it, the men are hot! Hoping this show is a huge hit!!

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The fuck does this mess of letters translate to in English? 

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Just what the gay community needs. Another gay show shoving Whites as the epitome of gay male beauty in our face. And the morons of gay media and its dimwitted followers acting like it's something new.

It's the same old crap, just different White (or light) faces. And before any moron tries to say, "the cast isn't only White", if such is the case,...the why does Instinct, Out, The Advocate, and every gay media source keep using pics of a White cast member to promote this "show"?

And I put "show" in quotes for those very reasons. It's a waste of television for waste products to view.


Yes Just go watch Will N Grace and shut up, or All my Children re-runs on hula OK?  no one care what you think, the show takes place in San Francisco White People is who do live there for the most Part, do they need to bus in a Rainbow of people to get your ass to watch it?

go kiss my Ass Xavier!

Dont watch it

Dont watch it

What? Wasn't the 'most successful' homosexual show of late cast with all black men---um, yeah! Noah's Ark boosted ratings upon an older gay crowd equally as it did with the young. The majority of viewers within logo statistics were 'white'.... So, how bout placing that RACE CARD back on the table and don't trump the bitch until you give the show a chance? 

Looks good.  That's all I got.  

I' m going to pass on this Yet another gay series and not one character( lead or supporting) is a person of color and San Francisco IS a diverse city. This show us like Friends or Sex in the City just with gay men

Funny you should say that's the reason to pass on this one. I didn't care for Noah's Arc initially because it had (and never did) include a white character. But it still turned out to be a good show.

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And the most likely reason, "Dallas", that "Noah's Arc" was done that way is because a gazillion shows (straight and gay) have dismissed the existence of the Black population. So while that troubled me about "Noah Arc" as well because 2 wrongs don't make a right, you can't really make such a comparison. Not without showing yourself to have a massive degree of racial insensitivity to how jaded and racist the powers-that-be (who are often White) in Hollywood and network television are.

"Looking" is television's Gay Exhibit A of 2014.

I wish someone would have the bright idea to buy the rights to the "Buddies" series of books (by author Ethan Mordden) and make a series drawn on those.

"Noah's Ark" with white gays. Oh well, it worked with Elvis.

"Noah's Ark" was "Sex and the City" with black gay men. This series is more like a cross between "Queer as Folk" and Armistead Maupin's "Tales of the City", in my opinion.

Can't wait.

Hmmm... promising new series :)

It might be brilliantly written and brilliantly acted, but with the Extra Nauseating Super Shaky Cam™, I won't be able to watch it. Sigh. When will Hollywood ever learn?

Totally agree, I know the shaky camera work is designed to feel real - but it turns my stomach and gives me a splitting headache. Won't be toning in if migraines are on the menu. 

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