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HBO Gay Series 'Looking' Pilot Episode Now Free Online

Did HBO's Looking live up to the hype??

In case you missed it last night and/or you don't have HBO, the premium channel has generously posted the pilot episode on YouTube!

What did you think of our introduction to the San Francisco gay trio? Will you be Looking for more??


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It says video is private when I click on it

There is a dated quality about this show, despite the obvious attempts at presenting a fresh approach to the declining gay bar scene of San Francisco, and the dramatic changes to the city itself.  In the late 1970s and early 1980s, I vividly remember the raw innocence and slightly tainted serendipity that cemented the fear and excitement of meeting encounters for brief pleasure.  Mind you, relationships were extremely difficult to maintain during this hedonistic period, given the rampant promiscuity that substituted for affection, caring,  and emotional commitment--that almost never crossed over to love (as opposed to lust and infatuation).  In Looking, I observed a genuine attempt by the creators and actors to connect to that sexual tension and energy, that so defined the past, but what's missing is the shadowy mystique, and taboo implications that no longer apply--despite how it used to add heat and passion when the community was not so open and free.  Consequently, the show doesn't grab me as I hoped it would.  In the era of gay marriage and adoptions (that merely ape the very heterosexual experiences that were not welcome by gays of a different time), the premise and plot of the first episode seem transparently staged, stilted and contrived.  But there is great room for growth, development and plot improvement, and I shall continue to closely watch the next several episodes with anticipation, enthusiasm and interest for greater pull and mystery to prevail.  After all, this ain't the playground of the Castro of old--and gentrification is supposed to be evolutionary. Still, my nostalgic sensibilities always seem to take me back to Armistad Maupin's "Tales of the City," when San Francisco was still a town of enchantment.

I thought it was boring.  I will give it one more try and if it does not get better I will not watch it. I was not impressed with the acting, I thought it was kind of terrible and the direction was so slow.  I was not sure if it was a comedy or a drama, I did not laugh or experience any thrills during the first episode so I am not sure what kind of show it is supposed to be.  It left me feeling nothing for the characters and did not make me want to watch again.   I will watch again, just to support a gay shows, but my support only goes so far because I need to be entertained and this first episode was anything but entertaining.  With all the incredibly talented and creative gays out there I just cannot believe this is the best we can come up with.  I mean look at the Logo network only one good show on there and that is a reality contest show about drag queens.  Come on gays get out there and start creating something there has to be more than Dustin Lance Black out there.

I so want the guy to find love. I am all ready for a love story :-)
But yes, very nice for a first episode, knowing this will get better and better ones the actors grow into their parts. Congratulations HBO

Very good first episode! Good Luck to HBO with the show.

I think it will be great, but just couldnt really get into it last night. Another note, where are the ethnic (black) guys at? Always gay shows cast these caucasian and hispanic guys, but where are the black, asian, and european guys?

met a gorgeous black man yesterday that is on it. Just not on the first episode. This was the first half hour. They will be very diverse.


Love the show and the characters. Definitely number one show for my husband and I!

Doesn't work in Ireland.
Any help guys?


Coz it starts on Sky next Monday.  :-)

u can download it on piratebay that what i did

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