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HBO's 'The Comeback' Returns & Has A Scheduled Shoot Date!!

Yaaaaaaassssssssssss!! It's official--at least according to E!News, which is exclusively reporting that HBO's The Comeback is returning AND it's got a scheduled shoot date!!

From E!Online:

HBO's The Comeback, arguably the most underappreciated comedy in TV history, is coming back for a six-episode run, with production scheduled to begin May 19, sources confirm exclusively to E! News.

Though HBO hasn't confirmed anything regarding the project, we are told by multiple insiders that the writers already have been at work on scripts for the new episodes for two weeks, and that new episodes will pick up nine years after the series left off, with original stars like Malin Ackerman, Kellan Lutz and (duh) Lisa Kudrow expected to return. Ackerman and Lutz likely won't be in every episode, but will be woven in and out, subject to availability.

And that's not all! E! also reports that if all goes well The Comeback may return as a full on series!

Let's make it happen! Excited, Instincters??