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HBO's Gay Series 'Looking' Gets A New Trailer

HBO's Looking got a brand-spanking new trailer yesterday, and we think it's better than the last one!

Is it just us or could this be quite promising? Take a look!

Is it January 19, yet??


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Wow can we say bitter party of 2.  It's Hollywood people.  These people look more "real" than the casts of The A-list, actually they look more "real" then my fellow gays i see at the gym and at the the club with their noses pointed straight up into the air.  Honestly they look very average to me, albeit an attractive average.  I would say i wish the cast looked more diverse racially.  The show is about relationships between gay hmmm i think the show would pretty much be 100% gay. 

Who knows if its going to be a typical weho show, but i looks worth checking out first before judging what its gonna be like based upon 2 minutes of footage.

i wont be watching this farce of the gay culture....when will we get a non west hollywood...more silverlake ...a more real gay people and not the fake weho fag types?  not even cable would dare to make a real show about gay people.  and no not a reality show...a show where gay is just part of the character instead of 100% of the character...i would watch it ..hell i would buy it..


Amen Brother!

Great all we need another Gay series where Fat, imperfect and unwashboarded men don't exist........Bleh...Just called it "GAY AS FOLK 2"

This trailer is fantastic! I can't wait to see the show!

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