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HBO's HIV/AIDS Drama 'The Normal Heart' Gets Its First Teaser Trailer

We've finally got our first teaser trailer for HBO's film adapation of Larry Kramer's Tony Award-winning play, The Normal Heart, and it looks good, folks. 

Directed by Ryan Murphy, the film starring Mark Ruffalo, Matt Bomer, Jim Parsons, Julia Roberts and more promises to be a powerful exploration of the 1980's HIV/AIDS epidemic. 

Take a look:

What do you think, Instincters?

​The Normal Heart premieres on HBO on May 25 at 9 p.m. EST.


 I WANT U (:

I really have to watch this! I tested positive in 1981 when you couldn't tell anyone. Even the LGBT community turned their backs on us (well, a lot of them) and they still do today. I was lucky to have been born a strong son of a bitch. I know of many that took their own lives and that was because many of our own turned their backs on us. I think that was the worst of everything that was going on then. It's even worse then when your own family & siblings give you the cold shoulder or disinherit you. Hate was very powerful then. People knowingly passing on the virus to others simply because "Someone gave it to me and said nothing". Awful time! I'm glad I had some good friends and some family members, otherwise I don't know what I would've done myself. These younger people really have to see this. It should be mandatory in schools. I've seen some kids that don't care whether they get it or not, simply because there are meds for that now. I've had it for over 33 years now and I would really change the way I behaved back then if I could do it over. But you can't so you deal with it as best you could. I don't know how I've live to be as old as I am. I guess I'm too bad for heaven and too good for hell so I'm stuck here . You gotta have a sense of humor. Here's wishing everyone the best. Get everyone to watch it! 

Can't even start to picture a world like that, I was too young back then to understand but as time passed by I got to understand it thru movies and documentaries, because its to painful for my friends who are positive to unveil that part of their lives, they just keep on going with their lives quietly.  

I agree with you that these types of movies should be mandatory in schools, God if I only had the chance to see this perhaps many situations would've been avoided.  Sadly I'm part of a generation that is selfish enough to care about others, and the ones that are coming along now think of themselves as invincible and powerful enough to live forever with the meds there are out there.  

There's a reason for all of us in this planet and if you're still here, buddy... you're not done yet, there is probably so much love that you need to share with others that your God still needs you here.  I know you probably say: "what do I know about your pain?" "how much do I care about someone that has never met me?" But I may not be in the same situation you've been for 33 years but I know what you're talking about.  No one deserves to live in any kind of pain, pain of the body or the mind,  but as we walk thru this earth we need to keep our heads high and be brave enough to keep on going.  

A big hug to you my friend, whoever you are.

Can't wait to watch it

This makes me wish I had a TV.

Having lived through this in NYC in the mid 1980's it is so important to be reminded of the utter hopelessness of that period, the homophobia and push back by those in power and allow people too young to have experienced this first hand to see what it was like to lose a generation of vibrant and wonderful souls to this modern day plague. I know this is just the trailer but it looks like a "must see".

My only worry would be it still doesn't address the stigma of the men and women living today with HIV. The doom and gloom of the epidemic is over, I feel that needs to be addressed more so for the people living with it today. 

I agree with you William. People who admit that they have HIV are still put in a box. Many dont realise that the ones that admit it are usually the ones doing something to keep themselves healthy. Too many of us gay people and people in general are living with out heads in the sand; afraid to be tested because they are afraid to be put in that box. They are willingly remaining ignorant, until sometimes it is too late to do anything. 

"living with our heads in the sand"

This is still a all to real plague upon men and women both. This is the type of exploitation needed to raise attention to the virus/disease and finding a cure. Cant wait to watch looks great. 

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