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HBO's 'Looking' Promises A Sex Scene Everyone Will Be Talking About

We've already been faithfully tuning in to HBO's Looking since its January premiere, but from what we hear the Sunday, Feb. 16 episode may be the one to watch for those that are looking for more sensational sex scenes!

E! Online's Marc Malkin reports:

HBO's new dramedy Looking is about to get, um, explosive.

We're not giving you all the details, but if you watch the new episode on Sunday, you'll see Jonathan Groff giving some major O-face during an eye-popping sex scene with Raúl Castillo.


"You can't lie in those scenes," Groff told me at the Savannah College Art and Design's aTVfest. "You can't fake those scenes."

Hmm...Jonathan Groff and Raúl Castillo? O-Face? 

Is it Sunday yet??!

Groff continues:

"The great thing about me and Raúl is that we both come from the theater," Groff said. "We're both very comfortable with our bodies, very comfortable with each other, [we were] very comfortable being naked together from the beginning. That builds a lot of trust. We built a lot of trust between us so you could really go there and we totally went there in that scene."

Their straight female director of photography, Reed Morano, was very impressed.

"She was in the bed with us," Gorff said. "We were in bed and there she was in bed capturing what was happening…She said, 'This is the hottest sex scene I've ever experienced shooting.'"

On finding his O-face, Groff cracked, "It took years of practice."

Welp. We'll be watching (or Looking)! Will you??

(And as for how hot that sex scene is, we'll be the judge of that, Reed!)


I also love the series but I don't like that its only 30 min needs to be 1 hour show.

When I'm watching tv I don't want to see a bunch if sex scenes... 

If they show it for a moment to imply what is happening that's fine . straight or gay I don't want to watch sex all the time. If I want that I'll watch porn.  I wish we as the gay community could make a good tv show that wasn't just about sex. Can't we rise above what everyone thinks of us. 

Will and grace could of used more  physicaliness. But queer as folk was to much. 

However with QAF I understood the purpose of them having te first day show with a lot of in ur face gay sex to prove that we could do it just like the Straights do it 

Sex is part of everyday life, gay, straight or otherwise. Rise above what people think?

It is part of who we are as men, women. gay, and straight. Its called human nature.

You may want to try it sometimes. Release!


Great show.  It supports the true realistic stereotype of gay men in San Francisco.  I just hope all the guys that really love the show see it as a great reflection of how self absorbed and shallow these guys are.  It definitely highlights the internal prejudice within the community, and those that do not see how prejudice they are (or how they excuse it away).  It will be great to see once again how when a white gay male sleeps/has sex with someone outside their race is either some adventurous conquest or doing someone a great favor....please...

Love the show... Hope it stays true to life and doesn't get full of stereotypes about gay relationships 

I'm already in love with the show and its characters but maybe a sex scene like this one is a little bit too much for now ... I still don't know, though, what is Patty up to with Raúl, I mean, they just don't match ...

"The" theater? Gag me with a spoon. 

The show just started its building up you can't just put everything out in the first 3 episodes! Sex scene or not it's a great show

a desperate attempt to get people to watch the show..

love Groff...i just hope this story is accurate and not a let down...i better watch my expectations i

I do like the series but I won't lie--I've been dying to see Groff naked. It seems FINALLY we'll be getting it:)

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