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HBO's 'The Normal Heart' Premieres Tonight!

Just a reminder to set those DVRs, Instincters!!

HBO's film adaptation of Larry Kramer's The Normal Heart, directed by Ryan Murphy, premieres at 9 p.m. Sunday on HBO!

The HIV/AIDS drama set in the 1980's stars Mark Ruffalo, Matt Bomer, Jim Parsons, Taylor Kitsch, Julia Roberts and more! 

Will you be watching??


The after-boomer should be more careful while they are strutting their gayness in all their glory. This generation was not around to see the horrificness of this period of time. And yet they are careless. The CDC is having to do Public Service Announcements for HIV, because they are seeing a rise. SAFE SEX people!

Lived it. Incredible movie. Never paused a movie so many times to regain my composure. The cast were amazing. I remember seeing men at the bar and not seeing them again hte next time, ever, and wondering why. I saw the face of KS. This movie made me remember what I did not want to. Let's hope the the after "boomer" generations remember the cost of lives that made it so easy for them to now strut down a street, gay as ever, and not have to suffer the humiliation we had to at their age. 

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I don't get HBO and didn't have a chance to view it last night.

Any of you guys see it last night? How was it?

Gays will be burnt in hell. Shitty movie this is.

Mr Razor... can i suggest you keep your not so caring comment to yourself...i find a comment like this shows me there is still mental illness out need the help of mental illness and a good Phyciatrist  soon .. wish you the best ... hope you recieve good care.. 

No room for bigots here 

Wish it came on normal TV

Heck yes I'll be watching !! I have been promoting this movie so much on my Facebook page people are thinking HBO is paying me ;-)
Such an important story with such an amazing cast. Really wanna see this !!

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