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HBO's 'The Normal Heart' Ratings Revealed

We went through ALL of the tissues during HBO's film adaptation of The Normal Heart, directed by Ryan Murphy, on Sunday, but how did it do in the ratings?

According to Deadline:

HBO Films‘ The Normal Heart delivered a solid 1.4 million viewers across two plays Sunday night. Debuting nearly three decades after Larry Kramer’s play premiered off-Broadway, the Ryan Murphy-directed project premiered at 9 PM with an average of slightly less than 1 million viewers tuned in; an additional 434,000 thousand watched at 11:15 PM. That puts it fifth in viewership among the 17 HBO Films that have premiered on the network since 2010.

Have you watched yet, Instincters? If you haven't you should! Top-notch performances all around and while it's telling the story of the beginning of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the 1980's, the material feels remarkably urgent and relevant. It's well worth your time! 

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I can not afford HBO so I have not seen it yet.  I hope it is not long before I can see it.  I live in a small southern town and had CD of them reading play which I did enjoy.  I managed to live through the beginning of the crisis I don't know how.  I know a few folks who did not.

While  don't remember the people specifically, I do remember being young as young as I think  was about 9 or 10 years old when the AIDS epidemic hit, I can remember all kinds of theories as to how it was transmitted. I can remember thinking how absurd it was to even fathom having sex with a Monkey. let alone one from Africa. I can remember thinking this is something important. You see I knew  was gay every since I was about four years old. I can also remember thinking how is this going to affect me in later years? I wanted to know exactly how this thing was transmitted, like I said  couldn't fathom having sex with a Monkey let alone one from Africa, then when they said they traced it back to a French Flight Attendant, now this is when I perked up my ears. Now we were getting somewhere, and meantime President Regan hadn't even breathed the word AIDS. Now back then we had heard something called the Gay Cancer. Was it something that only Gay people got? Until the first Hemophiliac was diagnosed. Now, we are still hearing about this Gay Cancer, now we couldn't keep calling t the Gay Cancer could we we now have hemophiliacs with the disease could we? As I remember it it wasn't until the very late 80's until we got the Name of AIDS. By now they had figured out that it was a blood born disease, transmitted by I don't think they even knew how it was really transmitted, we still thought it was transmitted by the Soda cans in selective Vending machines and the infamous African Money or the French Flight Attendant. What were we going to do? Flash forward 25 years I am now living with the Virus that causes AIDS. I said all that to say this, If President Regan hadn't dragged his feet on the important issues maybe just maybe  would have been infected, or maybe we would have known a lot soon what was the cause of this dreaded disease      

I thought the movie was spot on and brought back many memories. It was a real wake up call to a matter that should not be forgotten nor should we become so complacent with, Mark Ruffalo and Julia Roberts performances were out standing. I loved the movie..

Bill and I, with lots of friends went to see the screening of this movie,  The Normal Heart. For all of those who have ever loved during difficult times,
this movie is for you. We stopped to have a bite afterward, and at least 10 people came into the restaurant, and talked about how much they liked this movie. I have often said if you feel something after seeing a movie then, you have had an experience. This movie allows you to feel anger, sadness, joy, disbelieve, love, and hope. It is my wish that all parents will watch this movie.  So they too can see, all children have normal hearts.

Should have been made my Barbra Streisand. I did not watch nor will I ever watch HBO.I am a queen with high standards...

Phenomenal performance form all, but Mark Ruffalo was outstanding and definitely deserves an Emmy for his performance. A story that needs to be shared and told

I cried 7 to 8 times. Mark Ruffalo moved me with his performances beyond belief. I have much respect for him. Julia Roberts was incredible as well. Some of the more graphic scenes pained me to compassion. Invited friends over tomorrow who do not have HBO.


I really enjoyed it. I lived through most of it, so it brought back a ton of memories. Beautifully done. Larry Kramer had, and has a voice. He made a difference in my life, I know that. 

I hate to do this for this film, but it was so good I feel everyone should see it. Acting was so genuine it was gut wrenching at times. If this makes it to DVD please support it by buying it. Until then, if you want to watch it, you can download it here:[eztv]

 You will need a torrent client to download it, uTorrent is the best one and the lightest one. 

I really want to see this but I do not have HBO. I hope it is released to Netflix or something we all can see it. Not everyone can afford cable TV, but I heard all my friends say it was well done.

Saw it on-demand last night.  Breathtaking and heartbreaking performances all around.  Being a young man during that time was frightening and they captured that exquisitely.  

Should be made more widely available.

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