Health Care Company Denies Man PrEP Because He Engages In 'High Risk Homosexual Behavior'.

A health care company reportedly denied a gay man a Truvada prescription because he engages in "high risk homosexual behavior."

With United HealthCare's refusal to cover the prescription, the man would be forced to pay approximately $1,500 a month out of pocket, if he wished to remain on the HIV prevention drug.

From Raw Story:

The insurer tells the man his plan covers Truvada only if used to treat HIV infection, reduce the risk from possible HIV exposure or potential HIV exposure for certain high-risk patients – but the man was told he didn’t fit any of those criteria.

The letter claims the decision falls under New York state law governing health care coverage — but HIV activist Jeremiah Johnson said that’s not true.

This was a malicious attempt to discourage PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) uptake by people who need it most,” said Johnson, of the Treatment Action Group.

Although the man's doctor successfully appealed United HealthCare's decision, the denial still raises many red flags. 



H/T: Towleroad