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Heart It Or Hate It: Britney Spears "Work Bitch" Official Music Video Premieres!

You betta work, bitch!!

Britney Spears has just unveiled the official music video for "Work Bitch" the first single off of her untitled 8th studio album. 


Go call the PO-LICE! Go call the GUH-VA-NAH!!

Is Brit Brit back?! Heart it or hate it, Instincters?


Dreadful, even worse than any Taylor Not So Swift song. 

Richie Nuzzolese is the hot guy in the back ground and worth watching this over and over.

Look up his face book page...hotter than hot.

I think Will.I.AM wrote that song, no wonder it's full of shit.

as Charles Barkley would say, "Thuruble". Britney needs to really try harder than rhyming Bugati and Maserati. Is her team even trying these days?

The scene with the chicks on leashes reminds me of Beyonce's "Run the World" music video...

Did Rupaul write this song¿


Britney is back in full force. Work bitch

<3 if she can keep up the stamina and claw back up that ladder.

she still needs to learn her dance steps her backup dancers are way better

Work, bitch!  Loves!!

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