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Heart It Or Hate It: John Mayer Teams Up With Prancercise Lady For 'Paper Doll' Music Video

The "Prancercise" diva is extending her fifteen minutes thanks to John Mayer (who's probably seeking an extra fifteen of his own)! 

The Prancercise lady is the star of John Mayer's new lyric video for the song "Paper Doll."  Rumor has it the tune is directed towards "22" singer Taylor Swift, who notably penned her own anti-Mayer tune, "Dear John." 

Whether or not the tune's aimed at Taylor, enjoy the Prancercise lady in all her glory as she "romancercises" her way through "Paper Doll"!

We think John goes pretty easy on T-Swift. We were waiting for the burn.

Heart it or hate it, Instincters?


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