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Heart It Or Hate It: Lady Gaga "Dope"

Lady Gaga debuted ARTPOP promo track--the moody ballad "Dope"--and a new grill at Sunday's YouTube Music Awards. 

Give the track's official version a listen here:

Thoughts on Mother Monster's latest? Is "Dope" dope?? Think the grill should be a regular addition to Gaga's varied ensembles?

Heart it or hate it??


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Jeebus fucking hell. WTF was that? My ears are bleeding.

The album is overproduced, generic, dated, sounds like other songs and most of all...... HER VOICE IS SO FUCKING ANNOYING! she over sings, over pronounces words and because of it can't get through a whole song without wanting to gouge my ears out. There are a few good hooks hidden in the mess of songs but they are lost with too much going on in each song. Some songs sound like about 4 songs patched together.I can imagine the payola reviews praising this mess  *sigh*. Payola? Gaga is a fucking idiot in interviews, words cannot describe what a fucking complete moron she is. Can't even be arsed to rant about it because she is not above other artists and her work certainly does not reflect any of the statements she makes. She brought nothing to the table.

Amen! Never liked her and I guess her 15 minutes are finally over.

Delusional fans of CaCa akak Moronsters still can't accept the fact that this Xerox machine created the worst album in her career. Not to mention, the art thieve dares to name the album "Artpop" while no art to be found in this mess of a crap album, instead, it is filled with so many pretentious bullshits and rehashing other people works and ideas from the past. 

Gaga a confused clown who makes the same mistakes , over and over. Also, did I mention, she sounded like dying cat on the album?

Pathetic, generic and incoherent.

2 out of 5*

Nothing but a desperate attention seeker trying hard to be relevant.


Gaga Gone :-(

Artpop is the worst Gaga's album in her 5 years career.

 Lady Gaga 2009-2013


I give Artpop an A.

Abysmal (much!)

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