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Heart It Or Hate It: Robin Thicke Ft. Kendrick Lamar 'Give It 2 U'

What's gotten into Robin Thicke? The singer appears to be getting friskier by the day, all the while doing Justin Timberlake better than Justin Timberlake, has just released a new single, "Give It 2 U." 

Thicke was already crossing lines--or at the very least blurring them (see what we did there??) with his last single "Blurred Lines" and its accompanying video. He continues with his latest. 

Here's a little sample of the lyrics of "Give It 2 U": 

"I got this for you / a little Thicke for you / A big kiss for you / I got a hit for you / Big d--k for you / Let me give it to you."

Well well, Robin. Take a listen to "Give It 2 U" featuring rapper Kendrick Lamar:

What do you think, Instincters? Do you want what Robin's giving??

Heart it or hate it?


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Want what he's giving, but it's got nothing to do with music.

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