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Heart It Or Hate It: TLC Re-Record Iconic 'Waterfalls' Track With Namie Amuro

We're still trying to gather ourselves, so apologies, if this doesn't come out as anything resembling English. 

TLC has re-recorded their iconic  20-year-old track "Waterfalls" and they've replaced Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes with Japanese pop star, Namie Amuro. 

We can't breathe.  We're visibly shaken. 

TLC is scheduled to receive an MTV Legend Award from MTV Japan next week, so perhaps this move was strictly in response to that. 

In either case, we're gonna need a moment--or a lot of moments--to recover. (And just to clarify, T-Boz and Chilli sound as good as ever!)

Heart it or hate it?


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Nice, I Love it.

Not a fan.  I prefer the original!

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