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Helen Mirren Defends Leslie Jordan After Director Tells Him To "Butch It Up"

Beloved gay sitcom star Leslie Jordan shared a story of a recent situation on set on Facebook this week that made us do the impossible: love Helen Mirren more than we already do. 

Writes Leslie:

I just got back from New Orleans. I am in Episode 4 and 5 of AMERICAN HORROR STORY. I spent 14 hours on the set with only myself, Jessica Lange, Francis Conroy and Robin Bartlett the last day of my shooting. Honey, get ready. There was Emmy award winning acting coming at me from all sides. But I held my own. Yes Ma’am, this old sit-com queen dug in and gave it my all. It reminded me of a movie that I had a small part in a few years ago with Miss Helen Mirren. It was called “LOVE RANCH” and was directed by her brilliant husband, Taylor Hackford. The movie was about the first legal brothel in the state of Nevada and my part was the traveling “butt plug salesman.” I ain’t kidding. That is the way I was listed in the script. Mr. Hackford insisted that I sell those butt plugs as if they were the finest china. He came over once hemming and hawing. What he wanted was for me to “butch it up a bit.” The butt plug salesman was too nelley!!! Miss Helen jumped immediately to my defense “Oh for God’s sake, Taylor, let him do what he does so well!” Best compliment I’ve ever had. And she played The Queen!!!

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He does do it SO well!!

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I love Leslie Jordan! So glad to see him getting signed right and left :)

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