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Hell's Kitchen Gay Bar "Fairytail Lounge" Raided By NYPD

The Fairytail Lounge, an NYC dive on 48th Street in Hell's Kitchen, is testing its luck this week after reopening despite being raided by the NYPD over the weekend. 

The bar has been the source of community outrage for years, with residents claiming it hosts loud parties 24/7 and plays gay porn that's visible from the street. But it was the lack of a liquor license that did the Fairytail in early Saturday morning. 

DNAinfo reports:

The raid on Fairytail Lounge, at 500 W. 48th St., was part of the Multi-Agency Response to Community Hotspots program and included police and investigators from the State Liquor Authority and the Department of Buildings, among others.

Officials issued 10 criminal court summonses and 19 SLA violations to the hotspot, police sources said. One of the violations was for operating without a liquor license, but the specifics of the other violations were not immediately clear.

As DNAinfo New York first reported, the bar's liquor license expired at the end of November, but the nightlife spot continued to host parties well into December.

Still, Fairytail reopened and was running by Saturday night to celebrate its 2nd year anniversary. Bar owner Anthony Scianna is due before the SLA to appeal for a liquor license in the near future. Meanwhile, he maintains that the raid was yet the latest in the "witch hunt" against the Hell's Kitchen gay community. 


This is a private members only club and has been for decades. Bottles were owned and brought by patrons.

Question: Was a liquor license applied for? If yes, was it denied? If yes, why? Is this truly a discrimination issue, or is the bar owner simply playing the homophobe card?

Complaint: Loud parties hosted 24/7. Solution: Knock it off! Be loud and proud from Noon, until 2:00-a.m. From 2:00-a.m., until Noon, turn it down. Be respectful.

Complaint: Porn visible from the street. Solution: Knock that crap off, too! Seriously! How difficult could it be to tweak the angle of the monitors, or to simply move them, so that they're not visible from the street? It's called being mindful of your surroundings, and respectful of your neighbors.

Don't we have enough problems with bigots, homophobes, religious fanatics, etc.? Do we really need schmucks within our community living up to all the negative stereotypes?

Is he seriously that stupid to try and play the homo card? You wouldn't be in trouble if you follow the rules dumbass. People like that make the rest of us look the stereotype of booze guzzling porno addicted fags......the owner is pathetic.

Couldn't agree more. 


Hey Idiot, GO GET YOUR LICENSE, maybe it would've never happened. You're not worthy of a Stonewall over this pointless excuse of a story.

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