'Hercules' Star Kellan Lutz's Tight Pants Make A Big Impression

Kellan Lutz stepped out in workout pants and he's certainly got the interwebs paying attention. 

Perhaps this is the real legend of Hercules?? (Maybe NSFW-ish??)

We think the son of Zeus may have just struck us with his lightning bolt...


(H/T: Naughty But Nice Rob / The Gaily Grind)


Well, I typically don't care for men like this.  That is, he's not hairy.  BUT, it would be nice to see his shoes under my bed!  Haha!

he looks proud of it,good for him


*drool*  :-)

He's been rumored for the last couple of years to be rather big by the ladies.

It don't look fake I wished to get nailed by him

Es algo triste, como los gays somo tan dado al sexo.

hoy vi varias pelicualas gay muy hermosas... seria mejor esa calidad... cierto Kellan es un adonis. Ya desear un novio asi...

This is nothing, you should see my boyfriends. LoL

one hot guy

I dont care.he's hot.i would do him in a min.

me too lol

It won't take but a second to get those pants off & I'm sure there"s a dark corner around here.


Omg I would give that a 9.........inches. Mmmmmm


You guys that take the time to comment negatively on pictures like this, that's obviously for pure entertainment and enjoyment, are either bitter, old and lonely queens, or just simple minded bored homosexuals.  Did I really read someone breaking down the anatomy to insist on the realness of this photo?? Get a freaking life men!  And I'm definitely not attacking you Dr. Feelgood, I applaud you for taking the time to break down those anatomy elements for people.  Obviously you felt the need to do so based off of bitter gays who can't appreciate the simplicity of the photo which is to point out how attractive the Twilight/Hercules star is, and the fact that he goes commando sometimes, AND we as men who love men can appreciate the visuals.  I get tired of people using the comment section on this and other sites as their personal soap box of negative word play.  Give me a break... having said all that, This dude is definitely HOT! and real or not, I'm enjoying the view! Thanks Instinct!

I agree!!  Especially the part of the photo being pleasing...

Well said and agreed. Real or fake, its pleasing on the eyes!

well said - thank you!

He's CUT! URGH! VILE!!!!

yes, sad. tragic even. yet, he still has a sexy body.

First up, it's fake, and secondly, you're pathetic for such a comment. 

Get real.  Fake or real, who cares.  Note to Dr (M.D.) Feelgood.  Get your eyes and mind examined.  Oh, and go get a Ph.D. like I did and maybe you will make sense.  Good Lord.

Owh f*ck! So hot! I was shocked when i saw this pic! Haha!

Go to tumblr. See more of is penis other shots. Follow me: Southsidechulo. On tumblr.

Tried to find you on Tumblr, no posts. :(

Omg guys its still Hot

It's hard to tell if this is real or fake, but the placement of the penis is correct. Learn your anatomy. The bellybutton should be in the same level as your elbow. The distance between the belly button and the nipple line should be the same as the distance between the belly button and the pubic bone. The penis should be your right below the pubic bone area. This picture got it right whether it's real or not.

As a Medical Doctor..and one who is gay and likes men..I can tell all of you why this pic is REAL. To those of you saying his cock is too high..take a look at the length of his torso. If his cock was placed any lower..he would have an alien long torso..and not a normal one. Last but not least..did they photoshop his left hand too? Take a look at his left hand and the imprint it is making through the very thin workout pants -same shading, coloring, and definition as his cock. I myself have these thin pants by Under Armour and they are made super thin to allow breathability and heat control. I also wear them without underwear, and my cock looks just as defined & big as his. Get over it..not all us men have small cocks..and this man is built big all over already so this should be no surprise.

Agreed. The pic has been photoshopped. For starters...no ones penis is that high up above the pelvis.

Fake. Pic has been altered 

Anything for this site to get attention...it's complete photoshop - and not even newsworthy...unless you're posting it for the desperate shallow homo's gullible enough to believe this is real...

Sorry too bad your upset, your pea green envy monster is rather big, unlike your little man in a top hat or no hat. 

More utter rubbish to get Facebook views from a dying publication

Oh my God you are amazing.

I'm no expert in anatomy, but based on his shoulders, chest, indentation of the navel, the location of his cum gutters, as a female co-worker likes to call them, and the distance between the navel indentation and what lies beneath, I'd say it's real. And impressive at that!

I never realised he had a penis.omg.

Once again this mag is passing off something that is clearly fake...wow how so Enquirer of you.  Rag!

He could be wearing a jock, but it does appear to be hanging a bit too high....

Unless his privates are at the level of his navel, this has to be Photoshopped. My guess is that of it is not due to Photoshop, it's a matter of it not being what it looks like.

Id plow his hole raw!

It's Hanging Up Too high!

Yes. You can tell it's photo shop

Yes he has a package in every workout photo.  Is this photo shopped?  YES.  Take it from someone who uses Photoshop professionally, THIS ONE IS FAKE.  Here is another attempt at the same thing.  Look at the first Photo shopped image then go all the way to the bottom photo and see the real thing.  


Regardless of it being photoshopped or not, why is this dude not wearing underwear underneath these type of pants? Even loose boxers would provide a buffer that removes that kind of definition visible in pants.  I would only do that around the house, not out in public. 

What's all the obsession about his anatomy?  This is the most immature article ever. 

Aw don't be a prude!

first of all its photoshopped!!!...second...who gives a fuck how big it is...unless ur the one getting it u will simply believe whatever you want

I don't really care cause he's hot regardless. Buuuuut, it is photo shopped. Do a study on yourself in a mirror. Where does your shaft start in proportion to your hands? Most men it starts at about the middle of their palm. Now look at his hands....notice...see it...it is too high for the male anatomy. If you still believe it's real just keep telling yourself that and enjoy jerking off to the thought. Again either way he is so hot I would still take him with a thimble for a penis.


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