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Here are Five Things Gay Comedian Peter Bisuito Finds Funny

Peter Bisuito, otherwise known as "My Big Funny Peter", has been making people laugh for years with his sharp wit and hysterical humor that works well with LGBT folks and any other type of audience that is out there.  Pair that with his chiseled good looks, and it makes for a deadly combination of funny and hot that is so rare to find nowadays.

He is originally from upstate New York but now resides in sunny Florida with his equally as hot partner Mark.  I have seen his comedy firsthand at Bear Week in Provincetown, where he is able to blend a mixture of what is going on in the world and his own experiences very well.  That being said, we asked Peter what five things he thinks are hysterical about the media today, and also about his own personal life. 

Keep in mind, these opinions and jokes are reflective of Mr. Peter Bisuito only, not Instinct.  But, it's hilarious regardless.  Take a look:

5 Things Peter Bisuito Finds Funny About The Media: 

Reporters are wearing more and more makeup. They look like a giant sized garbanzo beans! 

The only way they’ll headline me is if I murder my family.

They gave Dr. Phil a job. 

Kellyanne Conway looks like Skeletor. 

Anderson Cooper needs to grow a set. 

And now, 5 Things Peter Bisuito Finds Funny About Himself:

I have more hair on my ass than I do on my head.

I’m afraid of bugs and stupid people. 

I wear socks & sandals.

I’m not afraid of nazi’s. They make the best bottoms! 

The more I meet people, the more I love my dog. 

 For more information on Peter and his upcoming shows, check out his official site