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Here's One Homophobic Guy You Don't Want as Your Neighbor

Here’s a story out of Orlando, FL about a guy who was being less than neighborly by spreading hate speech about his neighbor. Orlando Weekly reports that an argument that began on the NextDoor app likely escalated to Orlando resident Matt Sherman sitting on the sidewalk holding a sign that read “A butt hurt Trump hater lives here, who's the keyboard warrior now?” On the other side the sign read “A gay asian with AIDS who hates America + fireworks lives here!" Someone didn’t watch Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood!

Orlando ordinance 43.42 states that it is:

Unlawful for people to picket before or about the residence or dwelling of any person … This section shall not apply to a person peacefully picketing upon property which he owns or which he is lessee or peaceful picketing within a place commonly used for public assembly.

Sherman was filmed and the video was shared on Facebook where it was, not surprisingly, shared thousands of times. He’s famous!

The original video, which has since been removed from Facebook, was captured by Fernando Sosa, who Sherman was targeting.

Sosa followed up with a statement after the video was taken down:

Thankfully, the internet is the universe’s form of receipts and will never let people forget…or run. So here is the video reposted by a group called The Resistance.

No reports on whether any action has been taken.

h/t: Orlando Weekly, The Resistance



That app is a hot mess. I had some lady throw a fit and call a neighbor unpatriotic because her guests parked on the street. Therefore blocking her from shooting fireworks off in the middle of that very street.

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