Here's What Designers In 1939 Thought Fashion In 2000 Would Look Like

The fashion designer soothsayers consulted for this 1939 video predicting the future fashion of 2000 would be right at home as dayplayers on American Horror Story: Coven. What voodoo or witchcraft did they use to hit so many marks in their fashion forecasts? 

1. Mobile phones? Check.

2. Mobile personal radios? Check.

2. Fanny packs? Check (though 1 - 2 decades late; or 1 decade early if you count hardcore hipsters of 2010). 

3. Lady Gaga's microphone/telephone hair piece? Check. 

4. An abundance of sheer? Check. 

5. Cantilevered heel? Check. 

The rest is a thoroughly interesting look at the future that wasn't (though, in all honesty, all these looks would've looked right at home on Gaga when she was had first pierced the pop-culture imagination).