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Here's What Sexy Commercials Look Like When Men Replace The Female Stars

Do sex-cenetered ads hold up when men replace the women starring in them? BuzzFeed set out to find out by recreating popular commercials with objectified guys. Here are the results:





I don't think seeing guys like this is ridiculous. If only we saw more commercials where men were sexualized. I wouldn't mind that. Lol. 

Ummm.. where's the skimpy bikini??  There's really no comparison here.

I dunno, the guy on the beach was still pretty hot. Got my loins frothing.

poorly done. the guys were not very good looking or sexy. if they'd had hot guys doing masculine style sexiness, rather than almost imitating women, it would have been fun and interesting.

This hyper-sensitized approach to women's sexuality seems very Handmaiden's Tale-esque. Men and advertisements that celebrate the male physique are not criticized. Why, then criticize those women and those advertisements that celebrate the female? "Gender equality" ? I'm skeptical. 

Personally I see nothing wrong with either one, both men and women can be sexy on the commercial and appeal to different demographics. If advertising agencies were smarter they would do just that, and also they would have had the guy in the Hardee's commercial wear a speedo...Just a thought. looks to me like you are comparing slightly above average looking men (where are the ripped abs, for example) in baggy shorts with super model women in bikinis that barely cover anything. Yes, the original ads are ridiculous, and probably meant to be, but I don't think the comparison is very balanced. Or was your real point that Americans are not ready for hot, scantily clad men in ads to sell us food or websites?

What is the problem with people being sexy? Because I think the objective of this foolish thing was to point out that is wrong for women to be sexy. I have a dream that one day people will stop being stupid and accept that religion manipulated them into thinking that sex is sinful, and that they will understand that being sexy is just that, sexy.

They really didn't do a complete reversal. The burger guy wasn't tanned evenly and didn't wear a bikini. The "nerd girl" was far more attractive than her counterpart in the original ad. Frankly, it could have been very sexy or very ridiculous, it depends on how you do it. Also the fact that some ads are just stupid and sexist regardless.

Lets stop acting so prude and puritanical.  Lets sexualize everyone of age.  It did not look ridiculous men by the ancient world were always considered the true specimen of beauty.  Why we still villainize sexuality instead of just enjoy it i will never understand. 

I agree the Burger ad was dumb. But maybe it only seems weird because we aren't used to it.

it only looks ridicules cause men are look hot and sexy in different poses to women. if you make them look super macho and masculine in a commercial it is still objectifying them just in the males are. Then the commercials that objectify women make them slim and feminine and thats how women are objectified. reversing the role seems ridicules cause 1 we arent used to seeing it and 2 dosent look right with the body type.

The burger advert is stupid either way

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