Heroic Policeman Saved Pulse Victim's Life, Will Now Lose His Job

One of the first police officers to arrive on the scene of the Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando is about to lose his job.

Omar Delgado was called a hero after helping to save Angel Colon, a young man who was shot six times in the deadly attack.

Sadly, after witnessing the carnage of that night, Delgado, a corporal at the Eatonville Police Department, began to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder.

And now, just shy of his tenth anniversary on the force, he is set to be terminated at the end of this month.

From USA Today:

The department is terminating Delgado from the force at the end of the month, Eatonville Town Council members confirmed at a meeting late Tuesday. His last day on his $38,500-a-year job is scheduled for Dec. 31.

An extra six months on the job would have allowed Delgado to receive 64% of his salary with benefits for life, the Orlando Sentinel reported. Since he will leave the force before making it to 10 years, he will receive 42% of his earnings, the paper noted.

Delgado, who has mainly worked on desk duty since the attack, said the department told him they needed to replace him because of his PTSD and because they need an additional officer on patrol, a job he can no longer perform. He said he’s ready to leave and focus on his mental health but asked his superiors to wait an additional six months so he can mark 10 years at the department and become vested in his pension.

“Just let me get vested and I will be more than happy to pack up my troubles and leave,” he said. “This is the thing I’ve been working toward for 10 years and to be six months shy then be fired, it’s like ‘wow!’ ”

Colon, the man saved by Delgado, recently spoke to WFTV: