Hey There, Darren Criss' Hot Gay Make Out On ACS: Versace!

Anyone who has perused, um, gentlemen's adult websites knows that older/younger couplings are totally a hot commodity out there, and openly shameless producer Ryan Murphy has been paring delish actor Darren Criss with all sorts of menz of all sorts of ages on his new hit series, American Crime Story: The Assassination of Giovanni Versace! 

This week's episode brought a killer ::WINK:: scene in which Criss locked lips with distinguished actor Mike Farrell for a surprisingly long make out! I would just die if I could get this close to Criss. And so apparently would Farrell. Yes, the encounter leads to Farrell's character Lee Miglin's tragic demise, but, sorry not sorry, a gay kiss with Darren Criss is a gay kiss with Darren Criss. It's TV people.

This hot Murphy-tastic action from the season's third episode is hardly Criss' first experience with an older lad on American Crime Story. During the second episode, Criss' character Andrew Cunanan - the infamous serial killer who murdered at least five men, including fashion icon Versace - solicited a distinguished dude before getting ultra kinky, and ultra terrifying, with some duct tape in bed.

When I say that Darren Criss does things for me, I mean he does. things. for. meh. UGH. This boy. He could honestly kiss a pine cone and I would think it was sexy, so I am definitely all about seeing him getting intimate with a dude. Are you into this older/younger action on ACS, or are you wondering when exactly Matt Bomer is going to show up and make babies with Criss on screen while Ryan Murphy douses them in WD-40? Let us know in the comments!