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HGTV's New Show? 'Down To The Studs' Had Trial Run This Past Weekend.

While most of us were out celebrating Pride across the country and globe, we are pretty sure there was another type of pride celebration going on in Chattanooga, Tennessee in the form of a showing of pride for some local boys trying to make it into the big time and become regulars on HGTV.

The pilot episode of Down to the Studs aired on Saturday, June 24. Husband and husband team PJ and Thomas McKay are self-proclaimed "property lovers" and are hoping to be the hosts of a new HGTV show. Also on the show are Thomas's sister Sydney and PJ's friend Tania.

What we believe is the first gay couple to host a show on HGTV, PJ and Thomas are trying to enter into our very near and dear television family.  Will they be the next Property Brothers? Chip and Joanna Gaines? Let's watch a preview to see if there is any interest.



The network used the June 24th episode as a test to see if it would work as a series. Will the show continue filming?  Will it be picked up? We don't know yet, but it seems to have the attention of the locals. The story made it to WDEF New 12 channel.

“The four of us actually had a production company contact us because of a social media account that Thomas and I started. The account at the time was called the property lovers, and we had a pretty big following on that so it kind of just developed from that,” PJ added. 


All this promotion looks good, but we also see that they know how to get down and dirty if needed.

Head over to the Facebook thread and see what the comments were about this new addition to the HGTV lineup.  Many of the comments are filled with praise.  Some people tried to thump their bibles against Bookface, but just sounded stupid as usual.

Others did bring up a good point. We are lacking some redesign homes.  Not a tear everything out and start frm scratch, but how about a "Design on a Dime" reboot, something that doesn't necessarily need a hammer and a back hoe?  We agree!

But for now, let's wish the McKays the best of luck!







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